Springdale, Arkansas
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I could sum that up with a few words, but this site wants 100 words or more to post. All I can say is they must have not cooked those chickens long enough because it was sure raw and tasted bad.

I was pooping out more wet *** than a drunken sailor at Mardi Gras.

I am feeling a bit better now, but I still have some stomach ache after eating that chicken. I bought the chicken at the Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market in Springdale, the one on the west side of town by the post office and across from Harps.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Chicken.

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Why would you continue eating something that tasted nasty and was obviously raw? Are you that much of a glutton? ***


MsLea, I'll never believe you. and you call every day on occasion?

Brandon081, I don't believe that you're crazy just because you live in the same town as a psychopath like MsLea.

hey Jedi, we should guess MsLea's next comment. she is incapable of replying with more than a sentence or two because of how dumb she is.

I'm guessing her next comment will say "I don't eat Walmart food every day. I'm not a psycho and my pretend husband just took me to Wendy's"


MrsLezbo is a *** who is completely unaware of himher surroundings/ (himher, a new breed, more on this later)

What did you expect them to do??? Continue to ignore you? or tell you about the number machine that you seemed to have missed entirely.

You are useless and should get a job. Maybe then you will stop harassing working people. Living off of welfare (and my taxes) is no way to waddle through life you fat useless piece of sh1t.

And OP: dude, you gotta cook the chicken, it isn't hard. Even "precooked" chicken needs to be heated to a proper temperature to kill bacteria. Cmon dude, this your first time ever cooking meat? I bet you get sick a lot and have no idea why, lol, ahahahahhahahaha.


Not only do we get illiterate people on this site, some don't even know how to count. Like that 70 year old who cannot count the number of bags the cashier uses and accuses them of stealing when she cannot count the bags to make sure she got them all.


Good advice You are doing it wrong, but you have to realize that most of the people who post complaints on here are unable to read(whether it is the back of the receipt for a return policy, or a flyer saying when a sale will end) Reading the ingredients won't help someone with a first or second grade level of education which most people who complain on here seem to have. It would not surprise me if the OP misread the words uncooked and cooking instructions. Would not surprise me at all.



i have done it for more than 10 years. here are a few facts about packaged chicken

in boneless chicken, they may add fillers with cancerous materials.

the only way to know that its just chicken is to ask the butcher and watch him/her cut the meat.

before you buy, read the INGREDIENTS carefully



Don't worry. I believe that this is all Ms Lea.

She was diagnosed with multiple personality disorder and does not know it. But still in case there are three crazy people in your city and state, watch your back. In fact if all three people are Ms lea and she is only one person still watch your back. She is crazy enough(and fat enough) to be counted as three people.

Apparently she was so hungry that she ate her Janitor Walmart Home Office husband. She even admitted that that is the reason she is getting fat on her Target review, or someone elses Target review.


Since you cannot wait five or ten minutes to be seated why don't you used that sliced meat and make yourself a sandwich.


IHateStupidCustomers, the OP is not me. I only buy sliced meats and cheese from the Walmart Deli. On occasion I may have popcorn chicken or potato wedges.


Believe me, not everyone in Springdale, Arkansas is as crazy as this.


well MsLea, or should I say MsPsycho, is at it again with a different account. this time, she is being disgusting again as well as thinking she can butt in front of everyone at the deli.


You most likely bought the uncooked chicken and thought it was already cooked.


I once went to this same Wal-Mart and the person working at the deli counter refused to serve me. She said I needed to take a number and that they would call my number.

I told her whatever happened to customer service. She looked dumb - she must have been only 20 years old.

It's not my fault I didn't see the take a number machine in the deli. I will share your story with my husband who works at the Wal-Mart Home Office.


Back again with your BULLSH#%$@T !!!!! Go take your meds again and keep quiet!!!!!!