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I had been looking for some time for a particular collector's item. I was shocked and amazed after a year of searching targets, wal-marts and toys-r-us to find the item, misplaced but sitting on the shelf.

When I proceeded to check out, they would not sell me the item, for the following reason: recall.

Having been looking for the item for a long time, I knew the item was not a recall. Despite this fact, the computer read "SALE NOT ALLOWED" and they refused my business.

The "manager," a man by the name of Greeko, was extremely rude and told me that if it was it said it was a recall, it was a recall. I understand, that the computer would not allow the sale, meaning there would be no possible way for them to ring in such an item.

At this point however, I was simply looking for a less inane response since I obviously knew more about the product than the manager. He simply said "I would LOVE to take your money, but I can't." His dismissive attitude and condescending manner made me leave the store promptly. i will not return

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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You are obviously ten years old if you mistake being told no as "rude" It was recalled for a reason. If you got hurt by chocking on the product your parents can sue Wlalmart and the company making the product.


You are a ***! If the computer is programmed not to allow a sale then you can't buy it, and should have just accepted the fact.

You are *** to blame the cashier or manager for stating so, and for the manager's turning his back on you when you did not accept his explanation but kept persisting on a sale.

What part of "NO" or "CANNOT" didn't you/don't you understand? And Wal-Mart did the proper thing by honoring the recall.


Good point and the fact that they mistake being told no as rudeness makes me wonder if this was written by a ten year old boy.


I had the exact same issue not but an hour ago. The store is Walmart in Jackson Ohio I had going in at 6 o'clock to get the last Samsung Chromebook they had.

It was still at the pre Black Friday sale price of 199 instead of the regular 229. I immediately had them scan the item at the layaway counter to make sure the price was the sale price and the scan went through perfectly no message of not being allowed to sell or anything. After two more hours of shopping we come back to lay away and try to scan it into an existing layaway that I have and even open a new one for it but it kept saying that it was not allowed to be sold.

The shift manager who was supposed to be the highest ranking person in the store at the time came back and very rudely explain to me the situation in detail always said was its not allowed to be sold probably recall. After telling him he should take the item off the *** shelf if you can't sell it I left the store


The 100000 dollar fine per item sold is definitely not worth you obtaining your fetish-fulfilling star wars toy. that is why they wouldn't sell you ***, you should have *** stole it, that is the only way you'd get it.

You basically did them a favor by finding it on the shelf.

Don't lie you only wanted it because every star wars recalled toy or small variant is worth kind of alot money in 10 years and your hopes were so amazingly high and you were flying on cloud 9 until the cashier said no deal.


Well here is how our policy works. Lets say that the Consumer Products Safety commission, (a part of the federal government) discovers a serious defect or health risk to a certain product (say lead paint in a baby toy); the government would issue the recall and send a message/fax/email to corporate offices and individual retailers, or distributes.

As soon as our corporate office gets this notice they immediately tell the computers to deny sales for safety reasons. A recall can be announced from head office at anytime without anyone at the store even knowing about it.

That is why the item was on the shelf and why when you tried to check out we were told to deny the sale. I am sorry that happened but it is an attempt on our part to help make things safer.

@Cashier in Michigan

I understand it's a good policy when it's an item that could pose danger to someone, especially and child. However, just yesterday I experienced the same issue when trying to buy a pair of shorts from the juniors sportswear department.

They said they didn't know what the recall was about, but in the case of apparel it's probably that the logo was improperly placed or some such nonsense. Really? How is that a danger to anyone?

The logo may have indeed not been placed to exact specifications, but it was clearly visible, and looked exactly how the logo is supposed to look. *** rule in this case, I'd say.


I used to work @ W.M. and have found, some stores are great...

others are horrible. Sorry you were treated so badly.


This child was not treated badly, he just mistook being told no ad rude.


A very disturbed, rude undisciplined teenager I might add.


Gilamesh, Brett is a 15 year old boy that likes to cause trouble on the site by insulting others and putting posting comments in their name.


Not sure who that other "gilgamesh" is, but I am the one who filed the original complaint and no, Brett, I am 25 years of age, no supervision needed. I did not walk away with the item as the other comment states.

it was confiscated from me at the register and i never saw it again. the item was probably trashed which is a *** shame, b/c it was ultra rare and not even Wal-Mart property.


You are 25 but you act ten, because only kids confuse being told no as rudeness. No wonder you have such childish hobbies, you yourself are a big child.


The item was not for people 18 and over Brett. Anyways even after the manager told me that the item was recalled he still left it on the shelf.

Since it was not for sale I guess it was for free so I just took it and walked off with it. I guess you could say I shoplifted, but that is not the case they simply would not sell me the item and I was looking for it for months at different stores.


Perhaps he could not sell you the product because you needed a parent with you to buy it. You act like a child you will be treated like one.