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We the consumers are fools to love Wal Mart and they care nothing about us! They will not keep enough cashiers on duty to accommodate us, they make us wait in long lines and make us feel as we owe them because we walked in their store.

I was a faithful customer to wal mart where ever I went, but never, ever anymore!

Wal mart came into town and ran all of the fabric stores out of business in Washington and Bolivar county in Mississippi and now they want to close all of their fabric departments! I feel that is so unfair! I guess that is what we get for loving the big companies! Wal mart will never get another dime of MY money!!


They are nothing but a bunch of money grubbing racist!!

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #157066

*** what does not having fabric have to do with being racist.



Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #51033

Have you ever heard of a store in a store? That's kind of like a McDonalds or a Subway in a Walmart except it's with Walmart.

Anyways, each department has to make enough money or else they can be taken out of the store... Hint, hint...

I'm in GreenWOOD, Mississippi and am just as upset. They also put our fabric stores out of business, and now they discontinued THEIR fabric department, and I don't know what we're supposed to do!

Go to Jackson maybe? Sorry, but I don't see myself driving that far just for fabric. I noticed they still sell sewing machines.....for what purpose I wonder? I just found out that the Indianola Wal Mart has all their fabric on clearance at 25% off, so guess where I'm going tomorrow?

I can understand that sewing is becoming a lost art, and that maybe they feel a need to downsize that department. But getting rid of it altogether is ridiculous! I for one have three children who are very tall and thin and can wear very few "off-the-rack" clothes. For my girls to wear a dress on Sunday, I have to make them myself, or else let them wear a size that fits everywhere but the length so their rear hangs out the back.

OR I could spend big $$$ buying their clothes in specialty sizes from stores OTHER than Wal Mart.

I won't say they will never get another dime from me, because since they put everyone else out of business, there's nowhere else to shop for poor folks like me. The smaller stores have to have higher prices just to stay in business, and I'm not about to spend more than $20 on a child's pair of shoes.
Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #28994

I don't think this person is comparing the closing to fabric department as racism. I think that last sentence was adding their last two cents in the complaint, however since racism is irrelivent to this complaint it should not have been put in the letter.

I do think you are right about one thing, they will be going back. If I had a dime for someone claiming they were not going back to a store because of the bad service they got and then went back I would be rich.

Nuuk, Vestgronland, Greenland #28820

I guess you must be a kid because you think that discontinuing fabric is equal to racism. Anyways you may not spend your allowence at Wal-Mart but your parents will. Also I am sure if there is a toy that you really want that your parents will refuse to buy you will spend your allowence.

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