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Wal-Mart store: 4004 Lawrenceville Hwy. NW Lilburn, GA, 30047

I purchased at Wal-Mart today an electric toothbrush for my grandson. I selected a brush styled as a cartoon character I knew he would take interest in. When I got the toothbrush home I discovered that the back of the package had been ripped open resealed with packing tape. A KIDS toothbrush??!! I mean, something you put in your mouth… Seriously? Opened, compromised, resealed and re-shelved…

Naturally, I did not give this to my grandson.

I sent back to the Wal-Mart store to talk to a manager about this situation. I found it highly concerning that the Wal-Mart employee that put a “used” kids toothbrush back on the shelf did not find that action concerning. I wanted to know if Wal-Mart management found this situation at all concerning.

I also noticed there was a sticker on the back that says: Reduced 25% Now: $3.75. This indicates that more than one person must have made the decision to sell an opened, compromised toothbrush. I spoke at length with a young lady who was a customer service manager. She then brought her supervisor into the conversation.

This man told me that his name is John. John is about 60 years old, fit, African American and employed at a high enough level to know that all customers are in the wrong prior to being bothered with having to converse with them. I asked John if he thought it was appropriate to restock a compromised personal hygiene item such as the toothbrush I presented to him. I pointed out that someone at the store apparently thought it was perfectly fine since a 25% discount was also being offered and asked him if he would feel comfortable putting such an item in his own mouth. John’s response was appalling. He immediately said, Quote: “It doesn’t have to go in your mouth. People can buy a toothbrush to clean other things. There are more than just one use for a toothbrush.” OMG!! More than one use for a toothbrush… Sold at Wal-Mart, in the middle of a display filled with (presumably new) toothbrushes perhaps also not intended to be used for brushing teeth. Really. Really??

Am I the only sane person left on earth?

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Preferred solution: Make sure re-stocked items work and are not missing parts (has happened several times). Do NOT restock opened compromised consumables, personal hygeine items, (things that go IN you...).

Walmart Cons: Sale of used electronic toothbrush.

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Tell John he is on drugs, but most likely someone just opened the toothbrush to see how it works and they resealed it. That is the typical Walmart shopper.

Though they need to pull up their big boy pants and make the person who opened the toothbrush pay for it. That is how it used to be, but now they don't want to upset the customer so they just reseal it. That is probably what happened, but still how do they know that they did not try the toothbrush as well as opening it. They should have thrown it out.

I believe stores have insurance for things like this.

Then again how did you not notice it was sealed when you bought it. My guess is you bought it because you saved 25 percent?