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I run a nonprofit organization which helps children in low-income areas and education on sexual predators. We had a big event in a neighborhood for the less forunate. Spent over 300.00 on supplies at Wal-Mart. Candy, games, ice and paper products. We had bought ohe costume with hopes that someone would wear it for handing out candy, but the evening was hot and none of the adults wanted to wear the costume.

We had unopened candy and a few small games we did not use, so we went to Wal-mart for a return. I knew we were going to have a bad experience when the young trainee called for management. All items being returned were unopened but the young employee was having in question of the candy.

I wish I had gotten the a**holes name, he was rude, unpleasant and outright unprofessional.

I was able to return everything but the costume, he insisted that we wore it!! I was nice about it and explained why it was bought and asked for a manager or someone above him. He said sure and walked away, I watched as he walked to a manager and was talking, I went over and by this time the CSR had made up his own story and even after I insisted the costume wasn't worn he told the manager that it was!!

I am on here because of the principle, not the money. The costume was only 12.00. The CSR had a control issue and does not need to be in customer service! Oh by the way HAPPY HOLIDAYS WAL-MART! How dare you be so rude!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $12.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #216058

I believe you about you "preditorpatrol" because everyone knows the child preditors are easy to tell based on their looks. Everyone knows that prediors are store managers who refuse to take items back after the season is over.

Seriously the manager did not know a child wore the costume because you never told him that the costume was worn by a seven year old. So your crazy logic about the manager thinking the seven year old is an adult is all is all wrong.

For somoene who is supposed to run an organization to educate children on child preditors you are sure doing a poor job of it and may even put the child in danger because the real preditor does not look like one. Who is likely to be a preditor, you, I, "actually" You can't tell by looks, or the way they behave.

Burgess Hill, England, United Kingdom #216030
The manager told me it was at the discretion of the store. The halloween candy was also "seasonal" and they took it back.

The guy was just being a *** and insisted that it was worn.

It was never even taken out of the bag. :?
Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #216017

What's wrong with you "actually" are u retarded. Their policy is 30 days within the time of purchase.

Also those costomes were only worn once and these child abusers I know from experience would not let me return a soiled costomer. (one of the children had thrown up on it) I told him in order to get the refund that we never wore the costume and explained the circumstances to this person who looks like he is the fitting discription of a child prediotor and he would not let me retrn the costume because it he kept insistinng it was worn. I am not lying in this letter since it was a child who wore this costume not an adult. I was honest and told him.

No ADULT wore this costume. I never said no one wore this costume.

Obviosly this manager thinks a seven year old child is an adult which makes me wonder if he is a child preditor himself since he thinks children of seven are capable of making adult decisions. Probably uses that as an excuse for his perverted ways.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #216014

It is a seasonal item, can't return seasonal items at any store.

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