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I have just experienced an all-time low in customer service at the Tom's River, NJ Wal-Mart. My request was simple enough; I wanted some by-the-yard fabric cut.

I rang the bell for service, as indicated by a large sign on the cutting counter. No response. I rang again. No response.

After ringing a third time and waiting a total of 20 minutes, I noticed a tiny (1-inch by 1-inch) sign on the other side of the counter that read "Went to dinner. Bell doesn't work." Huh. So I went in search of someone to help me cut the fabric. Three different people told me that they would "call someone." Another twenty minutes passed, and I tracked down Jackie, a store manager.

Jackie assured me that Joe in electronics would come to cut our fabric momentarily and instructed us to "Wait 5 minutes, and then go remind him" before she wandered off. Really? After 10 minutes (now a total of 50) I went in quest of Joe, who momentarily looked up from the cart of DVDs he was reshelving to tell me that he could not cut the fabric because he "had customers." Invisible customers, apparently. I mentioned that I was also a customer, and had been waiting, to which he reiterated that he was not going to cut the fabric.

He then continued to diligently restock the DVDs. Nex,t I used my cell phone to call the main store number. I explained my predicament and said that I was currently standing in the fabric department and needed help. My call was transferred to a line that rang and rang, but was never answered.

Twice. At this point, I took the fabric, the scissors from the cutting table, and a tape measure to customer service, hoping that someone, anyone, would finally cut the *** fabric. After three calls for a manager, Missy finally came to my assistance. Up until that point, my experience at Wal-Mart had been beyond horrible, but Missy immediately cut the fabric herself and apologized for my long (1 hour, 5 minute) wait.

We were checked out by Maureen, who was a ray of sunshine – friendly, polite, and efficient. Although Missy and Maureen did somewhat salvage the situation, I am still extremely annoyed and frustrated by the whole experience, and will not be shopping at Wal-Mart again if there is a Target within 20 miles.

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I hate to break it to you that target customer service is just as bad, had 2 incidents for bad customer service there myself


Cut the fabric YOURSELF YOU ***!!!!


My sentiments, exactly! Are u that *** incompetent, that u can't take that same fabric, tape measure, and fabric that u walked around the store with, looking for someone to do such a mundane task, for you, and just cut it yourself?

Omg! Some ppl. I swear!

Then you have the nerve to write to the entire world and explain your very incompetence, actually proving how thick your skull, and how dim your wit is! Lol!

John N

Are you joking??? You waited over an HOUR for Walmart to provide service??

What is the fabric made of, gold???

Walmart is NOT known for any kind of service, even bad, just service that is atrocious. I stopped shopping there over a year ago due to lack of open lanes, no help on the floor and *** standing around doing nothing. But, people put up with it because they are cheaper on many things.

I don't need the money anymore and shop where the service is good. And, it ain't good at Walmart.