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If you shop at Wal Mart, and have been buying the same products without looking at them, you'd had best start looking.

We have been purchasing from Wal Mart Super Centers Bakery, a product called White Bolillo. These are sandwich rolls in a 10 count cellophane bag at a cost of $2.50. The weight of these packages is usually about 1 lb. 6 oz. and bear the Wal-Mart Bakery label.

We've been buying these for some time now, and they have been very consistent in the count, the price, the size of the rolls and the weight. We usually buy 2-3 packages about every 2-3 weeks.

The last time we shopped at the same store, we purchased 2 bags of rolls. At the time, my husband said they looked smaller, but the price was still $2.50 and still 10 rolls. When we got home we compared them to the bag we had.

What a shock, still 10 count, still $2.50, but the weight is now only 10 OUNCES!!!!

Less than half as much for the same price!

What was costing $.11 per ounce is now $.25 per ounce or $4.00 per pound compared to the old price of $1.76 per pound.

Do Not Shop at Wal Mart without looking and comparing or you'll pay through the nose!!!

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if you notice, everyone is either raising prices or changing the size of the packages. It isn't just


Some ice cream that used to be half a gallon is now 1.75 or 1.5 quarts. Prices are being raised everywhere!!!!!


They are doing this at Dominos pizza too only unlike walmart, Dominos is charging more for a smaller pizza. At least they are keeping the price the same.