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Wal-mart charges a $3.00 fee to load money on their debit cards. That's understandable because they have to make a profit.

But every month they deduct $3.00 from their cards. That's not a good thing to do. When they deducted $3.00 from my card, I came very close to losing my phone service. If Vonage hadn't worked something out with me, I would have no phone right now.

Wal-mart has the perfect right to charge $3.00 to load money on their cards but they have no right to deduct $3.00.

I'm pissed and Wal-mart has lost a customer for life.

I did my grocery shopping and most of my other shopping at their store but not anymore. From now on I'll do my grocery shopping at Food City and my other shopping at Kmart.

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Walmart isn't a bank. like you said, they have to make a profit.


It is clearly stated in the terms of agreement, that Wal-mart charges a monthly fee for the use of their pre-load debit card. If you feel that the $3.00 fee is unacceptable, you have the right to not use the card.

Like others have posted, the card is backed by a bank, they have a right to charge a fee.

If you do find another means of banking without your unacceptable fees, please post back. $3.00 a month really isn't bad, compared to other banks.


First, why would Walmart not have the right to charge $3 a month on the debit card? It is clearly written on the consumer agreement you agreed to when you purchased the card.

Second, no one takes seriously your statement that you won't shop at Walmart any more.


Something to keep in mind...the Wal-Mart cards are handled by a bank. Banks charge fees.

Read your fine print.

My Wal-Mart debit card deducts $4.50 every month for a balance under $1000. Not big deal....


Do you happen to know what the policy is for other debit cards? If you don't, you shouldn't criticize WalMart. Price wise, I know for a fact it will cost more for you to do your other shopping at KMart, than the $3.00 WalMart deducts from your debit card every month.