Oak Brook, Illinois

This sugar-sweet, gooey product was nearly all sugar. Once I rinsed it off, the amount of beans left was HALF of the container.

No matter what I did, could not get rid of the taste. (A typical baked-bean serving is approximately 6 grams of sugar).

I spent a long time registering on their website so that I could write a review, but "due to technical difficulties", which were not explained, I was denied that opportunity! Because I doctor up my beans with onions and smoky links, etc., my loss was much more than the cost of the beans, which was already about 5 times what I would have paid for that amount of beans in a can.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Website.

Monetary Loss: $6.

  • bad baked beans
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These beans are the absolute best!


Grats on being a ***! You deserve a medal or something chief!

How did you "lose" six bucks? Did someone force you to buy the beans? Couldn't you have read the nutrition label prior to purchase? Sure you could.

But, guess what, you didn't. If anything, your complaint on this site is a simple admission that you are indeed a ***.


Maybe next time you should read the label before you buy they. Plus, if you buy canned beans and people tell you they are "the best" they are still canned beans, it's not like you make them.

First B

I would be more concerned about the hard to pronounce unheard of ingredients than that fact that Walmart adds extra sugar to their baked beans.


If you buy real baked beans they shouldn't have to be doctored up with anything. Where did you get your information as to how many grams of sugar a serving should have in it?


First Born: it is not only the unhealthiness of 32 grams of sugar in a non-dessert item, no less, that is obnoxious, it is also disturbing that HALF of the container was actually the syrupy sauce rather than the beans I bought it for; and, of course, the horrific taste.

Anonymous: I'm not sure why you are offended by the fact that I enhance my beans - I've always been told they are the best. The "information as to how many grams of sugar a serving should have," was not what I commented on.

I said that "a typical baked-bean serving is approximately 6 grams of sugar." I gathered that by averaging out the sugar grams listed in the nutritional information on several different baked bean containers.

It was really simple.

Thank you both for your input.