Honolulu, Hawaii

I presented my check to wal mart and two checks was denied because of tele check. I checked with my bank and they indicated that no one submitted this check to them. there were plenty of funds in my account, yet my check was not accepted at wal mart, because tele check said so.

when i contacted tele check, they were very un coopertative and rude, and indicated that someone else was on my account according to their records, but refused to tell me who or why. No one else has ever been on this account, since it was opened over 7yrs ago. A bunch of *** as far as I can see it.

no satisfaction at all was received by me from the opr.Andy who indicated he was a supv.

no help.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Account.

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your issues isn't with walmart, it's with telecheck.


Can't get mad at Walmart because TeleCheck denied you.....


Google Telecheck and find out what they are about. I did that awhile back after reading so many complaints about them.

It seemed to me that they deny checks when there is a suspicion of identity theft.

Just because all they would tell you is that it appears somebody else is on your account, doesn't mean that they were rude to you, just that is what they told you. To me it sounds like you thought they were rude because they didn't go along with what you wanted.