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I was shopping in Wall-mart in Viera Florida. I went there to purchase a folding table. The folding tables were on the lower shelf on top of a plastic place mat that had been taped down to the metal shelf with clear plastic tape in an effort to keep them from slipping.

The guardrail that goes across the front of the shelf that is suppose to stop items from sliding of the shelf was installed wrong. The table slide off the shelf knocking this guardrail off and hit my toe breaking it and cutting it open. Even worse I was wearing flip flops. 3 store mangers came with 2 employees with a first aid kit and paper towels to clean the blood off the floor. I filled out a report before leaving the store in a electrical shopping cart because I was unable to walk from all the pain.

I went to the doctors office and paid for all the medical expenses out of pocket and contacted a lawyer. Wal-marts lawyers response to this accident was."There is no way that this injury could have happened like that." "he must have dropped the table on his toe"

Needless to say the lawyer drop the case and I did not even get the medical bills paid for by America's leading retailer. Thanks alot Sam!!!!!

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Tt's Wal-mart's lawyers JOB to say it wasn't an accident, but you and your lawyer can pursue damages.

Note to self: Don't wear flip-flops to Wal-Mart....Better yet: Don't go to Wal-Mart.

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