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Tire Blew out on I-64. Went to wal Mart for Warranty repair because i had originally purchased Road Hazard Insurance.

Waited 10 minutes to be assisted because there was only one person in store at the tire center and she was busy making keys. After giving my keys to the attendant I waited another 30 minutes (While I watched only one car in the bay, four employees laughing and joking with each other in the bay area) for them to finally come over to me and proceed to tell me that they could not honor the warranty due to the tire being "ESSENTIALLY BALD." (The AAA mechanic had already told me that I had gotten good wear out of the tire as there was only about 6-7, 000 miles left on it when it blew out.) I then asked for a manager and waited another fifteen minutes for him to come to the tire center. They called twice and the girl at the tire center desk had to go get him to come to the tire center. (They had already announced over the phone that they were dealing with an irate customer.) When the manager came up to me he asked how I was doing and I said "Not so good." I then explained all I have already stated and he merely said "We can't honor your road hazard warranty.

I was furious and asked him if he really wanted me to take my business to Paynter tire store (A locally owned store I had already called and discovered I could purchase the tire cheaper there.) and he said "No, but that is your option." With that said, I left the store and proceeded to telephone Wal Mart to lodge a formal complaint. As of yet I have heard nothing!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Location: Loyall, Kentucky

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Are you stupid. 6000 mile left isn’t warranty worthy.

You obviously had been told you should have replaced them and decide to roll the dice and be cheap. You should be furious with the mechanic that told you there was 6000 mikes left.

Smack yourself for being stupid. 36 year mechanic!!!!


Today on 6/18/20 Walmart wouldn’t honor the tire warranty. Shop manager said the shops closed even though corporate said they are open only for warranty work. Now I have to wait 3 business days for a response back from corporate about my experience


Same situation in McKinney and Frisco, TX. No one is taking ownership of providing any level of support to those of us who bought the services warranties.


YOUR EXPERIENCE may have sucked but at least you can still get things serviced. In Southern Oregon they have closed the shop for covid entirely.

Not even bothering to make good on their contractural, paid for, warranties. I am actually didabled, in a high risk group and the only reason I cannot get to Walmart to get my Rx, is they refuse to repair my tire.


The road hazard warranty works like this: you pay $10 and you get free tire replacement for 1 year or 25% of the original tread (whichever comes first). After which.

You receive discounts based upon the remaining tread. So for example, if your tires were bald. There's actually nothing to be done about it. Roadhazard is designed to protect new tires.

You don't get to use them all up to the point of no longer passing inspection and then get new tires for free. That would be idiotic from a business perspective.


I have had WalMart lose my car keys for two days?!? They didn't even offer me a discount, I also had another issue with them ruining 3 rims on my car.

The edge of 3 of my rims were scraped all the way around the edge of the rim and slightly warped. I didn't realize it until the tire would not hold air and WalMart tried to say that I did something to my tires? I have to say this happened several years ago and after the 2nd chance I gave them.

I will never take any car to WalMart! All I can say is take pictures before and after if you dare to use WalMart every time I had to use them it was a nightmare....


Walmart in Athens Ga refused to honor the tire warranty. They said that no roadside hazard insurance had been purchased at the time of purchase and they would not warranty the tires against defects in workmanship and materials.

At the time of purchase this was not explained and Walmart employees made no effort to explain that without the roadside hazard insurance Walmart would not guarantee the tires they sold.

From reading other reviews it sounds like the warranty is worthless even if you do buy the Hazard insurance. Ripped Off Walmart Excustomer


OMG! This isn't rocket science.

If u did not purchase road hazard, then u have no road hazard for them to honor.

Doesn't matter what they did or did not explain to you. Read before you sign on the line


About the 45000 mile Douglas tires from Walmart in August and by December I was down to 2/32. I didn't even know until I got pulled over and the officer check my tires.

The next morning I went to Walmart Where they declined to honor of their tread life warranty. They tried to 1st blame it on alignment until I showed them the alignment paper work. Then they tried to tell me that my car for an end was shot. The thing is as I'm a certified FAA aircraft mechanic with lots of Triple A certified mechanic friends with decades of experience.

That same day I had the mechanic friends take a look at my Front end. And all said that Walmart was full of it. So good year owns Kelly tires and Kelly tires has the contract for Douglas tires that are sold exclusively to Walmart. All parties have forever lost my business.

Buyer beware!

Walmart is great on returns for everything except automotive. Do not under any circumstances by automotive batteries tires radios, anything like that, because if it goes wrong they don't care.




The road hazard warranty guidelines are printed o. The back of the paperwork.

Once a tire gets to 2/32 it has reached the end of its life and road hazard ends at this point. Also, a tire can't safely be patched or plugged without sufficient tread.


we had 8/32 tread left and did not stand behind roadhazard warrenty


Road hazard tire replacement at Walmart is during the first 25% of wear.


Go to Firestone....they have good coverage and honor their warranty


Wal-Mart warranty putchased... Defective bubble in tire...

Was told by one store they wouldn't even check it out.... The second store did balance and rotation and "other causes"...

This tire has been checked out by 2 other places not associated with Walmart and informed the tire is defective..... Walmart won't do anything about it....


I just bought 2 back last month. 1 of them went flat on me yesterday so I took it back and they tell me it's not covered because it not manufactured and I have the roadhouse warranty. only had the tire a month.


Here at Walmart for tire warranty "Road Hazard" They didn't honor but yet I paid$10.00 for it they need Tobe boycott ...I will not purchase tires nor will I change my oil at This so called Walmart.. Not to menton they changed my oil at the Walmart in Belmont and left the rubber from the old filter inside as they force the new filter on I almost blow my engine that was only ten minutes after they supposedly change my oil.....


Road hazard insurance only covers the cost of the tire. It does not cover installation, taxes, and fees.

Keep in mind, the tire hit or ran over something, and for most products, even if you purchase additional coverage, will not cover accidental damage.

In most cases, road hazard coverage is limited to the cost of the item only, and will not include installation, taxes, fees or the purchase of additional road hazard coverage. If you paid $50, then Walmart met the terms of their agreement you probably failed to read when you purchased it: The following is from the Walmart road hazard warranty: In the event that a tire fails due to an unforeseen road hazard, this warranty provides free (you pay the installation cost and applicable taxes and government-mandated charges) flat repair and pro-rata replacement if the failure is non-repairable."


I got a nail in my tire. It only had 4,000 miles.

The guy at walmart said that it couldnt be fixed. I told him I had road hazard insurance. They proceded to replace the tire but they never told me that I would have to pay for it.

When they were done I had to pay $50.00 Dollars. Basically the road hazard insurance is worthless and a walmart scam.


Sounds as if you had used some of the treadwear off of the tire which resulted in a pro rate plus you have to re purchase the road hazard towards a new tire because it does not carry over. I have road hazard and it has been a life saver. People are confused and believe its all free.

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