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Tire Blew out on I-64. Went to wal Mart for Warranty repair because i had originally purchased Road Hazard Insurance.

Waited 10 minutes to be assisted because there was only one person in store at the tire center and she was busy making keys. After giving my keys to the attendant I waited another 30 minutes (While I watched only one car in the bay, four employees laughing and joking with each other in the bay area) for them to finally come over to me and proceed to tell me that they could not honor the warranty due to the tire being "ESSENTIALLY BALD." (The AAA mechanic had already told me that I had gotten good wear out of the tire as there was only about 6-7, 000 miles left on it when it blew out.) I then asked for a manager and waited another fifteen minutes for him to come to the tire center. They called twice and the girl at the tire center desk had to go get him to come to the tire center. (They had already announced over the phone that they were dealing with an irate customer.) When the manager came up to me he asked how I was doing and I said "Not so good." I then explained all I have already stated and he merely said "We can't honor your road hazard warranty.

I was furious and asked him if he really wanted me to take my business to Paynter tire store (A locally owned store I had already called and discovered I could purchase the tire cheaper there.) and he said "No, but that is your option." With that said, I left the store and proceeded to telephone Wal Mart to lodge a formal complaint. As of yet I have heard nothing!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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I just bought 2 back last month. 1 of them went flat on me yesterday so I took it back and they tell me it's not covered because it not manufactured and I have the roadhouse warranty. only had the tire a month.


Here at Walmart for tire warranty "Road Hazard" They didn't honor but yet I paid$10.00 for it they need Tobe boycott ...I will not purchase tires nor will I change my oil at This so called Walmart.. Not to menton they changed my oil at the Walmart in Belmont and left the rubber from the old filter inside as they force the new filter on I almost blow my engine that was only ten minutes after they supposedly change my oil.....


Road hazard insurance only covers the cost of the tire. It does not cover installation, taxes, and fees.

Keep in mind, the tire hit or ran over something, and for most products, even if you purchase additional coverage, will not cover accidental damage.

In most cases, road hazard coverage is limited to the cost of the item only, and will not include installation, taxes, fees or the purchase of additional road hazard coverage. If you paid $50, then Walmart met the terms of their agreement you probably failed to read when you purchased it: The following is from the Walmart road hazard warranty: In the event that a tire fails due to an unforeseen road hazard, this warranty provides free (you pay the installation cost and applicable taxes and government-mandated charges) flat repair and pro-rata replacement if the failure is non-repairable."


I got a nail in my tire. It only had 4,000 miles.

The guy at walmart said that it couldnt be fixed. I told him I had road hazard insurance. They proceded to replace the tire but they never told me that I would have to pay for it.

When they were done I had to pay $50.00 Dollars. Basically the road hazard insurance is worthless and a walmart scam.


Sounds as if you had used some of the treadwear off of the tire which resulted in a pro rate plus you have to re purchase the road hazard towards a new tire because it does not carry over. I have road hazard and it has been a life saver. People are confused and believe its all free.


The road hazard is worthless. $40.00 dollars for all tires plus another $10.00 Dollars again Plus $50.00 Dollars for another tire.

Total Over $100.00 Dollars.

Plus a 3 hour wait. I should have just went to my local mom and pop tire store.


Sounds like you didnt read the tersm before you agreed. Road hazard doesnt just replace your tire no matter what, it goes to prorated after 25% treadw. Learn what youre crying for free stuff


The road hazard credit has always been prorated vs mileage at Walmart. Depending on the cost you were looking at about a 10$ credit.

It also only gives you credit for the damaged tire.

It won't give you credit for the 3 others that need replaced as to not make for dangerous driving. Most of the road hazard warranties only give a full replacement at under 10k mileage.


That ignorant manager should have explained to you what the road hazard warranty entails and you should have showed him the copy of what they give you if they gave you want it all sometimes these idiots that are working for minimum wage feel empowered but it's not their money it's the reputation of the Walmart corporation but that happened sometimes I saw you had to go through that


The following is from the warranty. It offers FREE repairs or PRO-RATA replacement for accidental damage to the tires.

It is best to read and comprehend what the terms of an agreement are instead of assuming. In this case, the customer assumed this would be a free replacement because he failed to read the following: In the event that a tire fails due to an unforeseen road hazard, this warranty provides free (you pay the installation cost and applicable taxes and government-mandated charges) flat repair and pro-rata replacement if the failure is non-repairable."


Silly people don’t read the terms and conditions of road hazard. You can’t come up there with a bald *** tire you wore out and expect to get a brand new tire.

Customers make Walmart a miserable place to work at for the employees. I feel sorry for the low down, scummy customers they have to deal with.


I went in with a perfectly good tire and they refused the honor the road hazard warranty that says it covers impact breaks! I had an impact break.

I had to move my tire myself because apparently they aren’t paid to move tires. Yes I’m pissed because they have *** customer service Sam is probably rolling over in his grave!


This complaint makes walmart loo great






Walmart used to honor these warranties. Now they dont.

They will try to make you buy a new tire(s) and they will tell you they will do an adjustment on the price of the new tire. They also will tell you they wont honor the unlimited lifetime rotation agreement if they deem you need new tires. They also will not sell you new tires for the front of your car without getting new ones on the rear. They will say that its not safe to put new tires on the front of a car.

I think they are now a useless tire company- except for some of their prices.

They have lazy work crews that will not get more than a minimum number of jobs done in a given hour. They loiter around and play grab-ass, tell jokes, and basically just f-off all day.


If your tires need to be replaced, then the life of the tire has ended. I am not really sure why that is so difficult to understand. As for paying for a new tire, and receiving an adjustment or credit towards the new product purchase, that is the definition of a pro-rata replacement: Pro-rata Warranty: Under this warranty, if an item fails before the end of the warranty period, it is replaced at a cost that depends on the age of the item at the time of failure.


I think that all of you people should be grateful that Wal-Mart's car tires aren't as shoddily made as the tires on the Bicycles that they sell.


There is no road hazard warranty that I am aware of that will replace a tire that is worn down to the tread wear line indicators.


Went Walmart to price tires. Was told to check Walmart.com.

Found tires and ordered them. Shipped to the local Walmart store and made an appointment to have them installed. Found out Sams Club had a better road warranty. Called Sams Club.

Wouldn’t install them since I didn’t buy them from Sams Club. First lesson, Sams club is not part of Walmart. Kept appointment with Walmart store. Asked about road hazard warranty.

Staff told me that since I bought the tires from Walmart.com I would be responsible to purchase a replacement tire and seek reimbursement after the fact. Second lesson, Walmart.com is not part of Walmart.

Third lesson, no reason to buy the road hazard. Finally, I have to go to the manufacturer for any warranties and not to any Walmart’s.