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Tire Blew out on I-64. Went to wal Mart for Warranty repair because i had originally purchased Road Hazard Insurance.

Waited 10 minutes to be assisted because there was only one person in store at the tire center and she was busy making keys. After giving my keys to the attendant I waited another 30 minutes (While I watched only one car in the bay, four employees laughing and joking with each other in the bay area) for them to finally come over to me and proceed to tell me that they could not honor the warranty due to the tire being "ESSENTIALLY BALD." (The AAA mechanic had already told me that I had gotten good wear out of the tire as there was only about 6-7, 000 miles left on it when it blew out.) I then asked for a manager and waited another fifteen minutes for him to come to the tire center. They called twice and the girl at the tire center desk had to go get him to come to the tire center. (They had already announced over the phone that they were dealing with an irate customer.) When the manager came up to me he asked how I was doing and I said "Not so good." I then explained all I have already stated and he merely said "We can't honor your road hazard warranty.

I was furious and asked him if he really wanted me to take my business to Paynter tire store (A locally owned store I had already called and discovered I could purchase the tire cheaper there.) and he said "No, but that is your option." With that said, I left the store and proceeded to telephone Wal Mart to lodge a formal complaint. As of yet I have heard nothing!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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I went to Walmart after calling them yesterday to tell them my issues with my tires that have less then 8K miles on them and the belt was broken in the front and the rest are dry rotten and leak around the rims. I told them I want them all replaced.

This was at around 5 pm. They said it would be around 7. I came back at 7:30. And they told me they could do nothing and would not replace nothing and I am pissed...

I asked to talk to managers which ironically all went home. The acc manager at adrian Michigan store Justin peeks well that jack *** shouldn’t be allowed to scrub the toilets. He hung up on me!!! Some customer service Walmart’s!!

That really pissed me off. They all proceeded to tell me they couldn’t do anything cuz they were bought in March of 2012. Well it’s been in storage practically since a thousand miles after I bought them and started driving it again in December. It says no where online or on my paperwork or even the 800 number people about there being an age limit.

No where. I paid for 50k miles warranty and I got less then 8 so THEY SHOULD BE COVERED REGUARDLESS!! Oh and they have all their fancy equipment and frame lifts and what not and they say they can’t jck my car up cuz it sits to low cuz shocks are bad and I probably got 10K lbs in it. (Not) but..

haha And I can jack it up with a scissor jack in the mudd by myself with shittier tools and it’s fine but they can’t do it??? I’m pissed off!!! What’s the point of having warranty’s if the bastards won’t honor them??

Did they not get the memo the customers always right?? This is ***


Road Hazard is not covered once the tire reaches 2/32 thread. Those are deemed unsafe. Common knowledge.


So let me see if I understood this right... Your tire blow up before the warranty expired, but you used the tire to almost the limit, and you are whining about Walmart not replacing your tire?

Am I right?

You want free tire? If you cant afford tire's, please give me a favor and don't drive


If this is true , I’m surely disappointed. I mostly shop Walmart on line.

Costumer Service is very good compared to in store. I just ordered tires. Have not gotten them yet ,now wondering if I should return or keep? I have a few days to think.

Walmart needs to do better with their in store employees.

Most of them in the stores that k visit on occasion Sucks. Do better Walmart.


I just tired to use my road hazard warranty, they stated that my 18 month old tire with 16000 mile on it was bald. Didn't use tread measurement Guage just "eye balled it" worthless warrenty don't waste your money and by tires a a reputable tire place.


my roommate gullible, reinforces exactly the proceededure she is dealing with......a algorythm math based policy. BAS-TURDS


You guys should know of you call the corporate office...they would help you more out...always call corporate...you can get the best customer service and they will help you correct anything you found to be a issue....or explain in details y something was done or not done...but they will make sure you are happy...with a discount or something...or send a team to investigate your complaints....


I just finished up at my local Wal-Mart where I had one of my 2-week old tires, replaced. The road hazard says that the tire will be credited for the usable tread.

The warranty also says that they will charge mounting and balancing fee and applicable taxes. Mounting and balance is near $20. I ended up paying $10.00, total for a brand new tire. Of course, my tread wear was zero.

I still have road hazard coverage. I am OK with Wal-Mart tires and service. The tires I have purchased are made by Goodyear Tire in the US. You can't hold Wal-Mart or any tire company 100% responsible for your tires.

Like one other commentor said, you need to do your part: maintain air pressure; rotate and balance every 3 to 5 thousand miles; maintain your vehicle, ie wheel alignment, steering and suspension maintenance. The reason I bought 4 new tires, 2 weeks ago is because I got a flat on my tire that was unevenly worn due to front end mis-alignment. Wal-Mart wouldn't repair it because it was "worn out". I couldn't buy just one or even 2 because my car is "all-wheel-drive." If I would have done my part and had my front end checked I probably would have gotten 40 to 50 thousand miles on those tires.

As it was, I got 31,000. Those tires cost me $0.02 per mile. Anyway we all need to take and own, our responsibility.

Not just in tires but in everything. Just sayin'.


OK people here is a link to the Walmart Roadhazard Warranty : (https://i.walmartimages.com/i/if/hmp/fusion/Walmart%20Road%20Hazard%20Warranty%20Document-All%20Others2.pdf ) It strictly says " HOW LONG IS THIS OPTIONAL WARRANTY VALID?

Under this optional warranty, tires found to be defective will be covered by this warranty for the life of the tires, defined as the duration of usable tread depth.

Usable tread depth is defined as the depth of the tread down to the final 2/32nds of an inch.

The last 2/32nds is not considered usable " so with 6- to 7,000 miles IS NOT useable tread.. you have no reason to be mad you have used as much life on that tire as possible...just sayin


Your wrong here. You ran the tires to the point where they were out of tread beyond the warranty period. The pro-rate, if any, would have been an insult to suggest.

Lawrence, Kansas, United States #1349960

I had a blow out last night on Interstate. I have to take my flat tore into WalMart to see if they will Honor my Tire warranty.


Yeah they don't give a *** .....pep boys is on the ball..or tire ..ina road tucson800


The tire has to have useful treadlife (and reasonable age) remaining for the warranty to be honored. running the tire to the end of its useful, roadworthy life...which by the way, increases your risk of a blowout....won't get you a new replacement tire.

You've used up the tire.

it's simply time to buy a new one.

No need to whine about WalMart''s crew. They're simply doing their job.

Grovetown, Georgia, United States #1268262

I had a nail in the center of the tread. Went to walmart on sunday.

Waited 90 minutes. Car was on the lift. Went to check up on it "We've been trying to call you" No, Here's my cell. I gave the counter *** the new number.

Why didn't you page me? Duhhh..... so the service mgr tells me the nail is in the sidewall and they can't patch it but will sell me a new tire that they don't have in stock. WTF???

I plugged the tire myself. Will be back there tomorrow and see this mgr, have him show me the sidewall puncture......

to Anonymous #1525593

Wal mart has done that to me 3 different times. It is a way for Walmart to sell you another tire.

I drive down the road to a tire and they fix what Walmart said they could not. If anyone else did this it would be stealing, Walmart does it it is business.

Montgomery, Alabama, United States #1254731

Nothing in the original post indicated if the tires really WERE bald. Walmart can say whatever they want, but from my own personal experience, their road hazard warranty is bogus.

I bought tires from them, and in less than a week, my wife hit a pot hole and damaged the tire. Walmart refused to honor the road hazard warranty. I take my business elsewhere, now. Direct Tire does a great job of beating Walmart's prices and they WILL honor their road hazard warranty.

Just for the record...Walmart also sells "out of date" batteries as "new".

I won't buy ANYTHING to do with my car from Walmart.

to Anonymous Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States #1313009

I agree, Im having the same problem. As a matter of fact Walmart told my daughter that she needed 4 new tires.

She had a problem with one, so she bought one, she went back and asked about the warranty that was purchased when the tires were bought, and was told that the warranty was not any good...AND they said she needed 4 new tires, including the one that she just purchased a week before!!

Unfortunately we are in two different states and I don't have he warranty in hand, but from reading the other post it doesn't seem that it would make a difference. I am still going to file a complaint...and vow never to buy another tire from Walmart again.

to Anonymous #1615027

Yeah and if this was true you wouldn’t post as “Anonymous”. The people that complain about the “bogus” warranty do not perform proper maintenance on their car or in this case you’re not telling the whole truth about the pothole.

You can’t fault Walmart for not honoring the warranty when you don’t follow the guidelines of the warranty. They’re there for a reason. If they weren’t people like you would completely take advantage of it and Walmart would no longer be in business. Not happy with the service or the product??

Do us all a favor and go elsewhere!!!

I can honestly say I have purchased dozens of batteries and tires over the course of 25 years from Walmart with ZERO complaints!! Most of the negative reviews are from people that are either scammers or just constant complainers!!


Me 2, I buy 4 new tires

With warranty, but when I need replaced for scratch they don't do it.

Terrible service never buy tires in Walmart


LMAO. First, if you properly maintain your vehicle (alignments, rotations, replace bad tierods/ball joints) you wont be blowing out "bald tires".

I bet those walmart employee's laughed about you for a week straight.

My wife works at wally world (she loves it! Has a medical degree and would rather make $11 an hour). I get to hear all the cool stories about people like you.

P.s I HAVE NEVER blown out a tire in my life.

I will admit walmart is a joke when it comes to any type of warranty.

I buy my goodyear tires at sears. Not those cheap chinese tires at wally world.

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