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After speaking with the store manager today about the incident that occurred yesterday with the little tikes toy she honored the price that was on the toy. I am very pleased that she took the time to honor the price and investigate the incident.!!!!!!!!!!

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I went into Wal-mart to purchase everyday items.While in the store I noticed a huge after Christmas clearance section.

Upon entering the section I noticed red price tags all over the items. I picked up one of the items that had a $25.00 price tag on it. I proceeded to the check out. When the associate scanned the item it rang up $199.00.

I showed her the clearance stickers on the item and she rudely remarked "thats a 200 item, I'm not giving it to you for that price". So I asked to speak with a manger who claimed that the clearance sticker was not a Wal-Mart sticker. The sticker clearly said Wal-Mart on it. That manager called another manager over who also refused to fixed the price.

I called headquarters while I was in the store and was told by an associate on the phone that they would sent a message to the store and have the store manager meet with me. Thirty minutes later no one ever came. I called the toll free number back and was told they were going to put me on hold to call the store. I was on hold for another twenty minutes then disconnected.

Another manager comes out ant tells me regardless of the price on the product the price is 199.00. He also told me that any customer could have come in and changed the price while the item was on the shelf and that they were not going to stand behind the price as marked. The customer service at this location is horrible. I have never experienced a situation like this at a Wal-Mart store.

Between the corporate office and management the issue was never resolved. As of this date I will no longer shop at any Wal-Mart stores.

This happened at the Wal-Mart in Dumfries VA.The store number is 3588.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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I'm sure they didn't investigate it, they were probably just sick of you b**ching. like the other person said, you probably switched stickers.


WOW, really lady you probably put the 25 dollar sticker on it off of another toy and then just *** and moan till people bow down to you. Let me guess you probably got 5 kids 5 baby daddies on welfare and all of us paying taxes allowes you your lavish lifestlye.