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Store # 757 in Pleasanton, Tx. Changed the oil in my wifes car, and didn't tighten the oil plug.

The plug fell out twenty mile later and locked up the engine.

The store initially denied liability but finally fessed up that it was their fault. I was handed off to their fine insurance company CMI. What a freaking joke.

They want to replace my engine...the one they screwed up, with an engine out of a wrecked car. I am in the middle of trying to get the diminished value of the car, but I am sure they will laugh at every thing I have to say.

It is never ending. Just a horrible nightmare, that I wish I could wake up from.

Monetary Loss: $6376.

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i went to walmart 2 weeks ago to have my tires balanced and they said one of my rims was bent and causing my car to shake no because they were unbalanced and it wouldnt fix the problem caus ethe other tires were fine. well at 2 am my tire flew off on the fwy and my car is wrecked and besides a severe headache im ok.

i need a lawyer out of the temecula ca area to sue them.

this is crazy. someone help me!!!!


i just got home from having my tire fly off my car on the fwy interchange. my car was sent flying across all lanes of the fwy completely out of control.

they balanced and rotated my tires 2 weeks ago and apparently tightened my lug nuts to tight with the torque gun and snapped off all my prongs. i obviously didnt know there was a problem till all was said and done. i am looking for a lawyer now. i made it out ok, but my car however is wrecked.

if anyone knows of a lawyer in canyon lake california or nearby please let me know.

i am with extreme headache now and no car. thanks walmart you almost killed me tonight


Not that anybody cares, but I worked at a Wal-Mart TLE with 5 ASE certified mechanics. I agree, some Wal-Marts techs are lousy, but not all.


Duh. Walmart is good for cheap food/ products and toys for the kids. Keep your car maintenance to auto shops.


The Wal-mart mechanic evidently cracked the oil filter housing trying to get it off during an oil change. They said the nut was stripped, and that we could buy another housing and have it put on during the next oil change for free- as they did not sell the part.

The key was, they said "at the next oil change". During a 30 day period, all the oil pumped out of my car, and the engine was tapping badly, but did not lock up. No oil pressure problems until the day the engine was knocking, no oil light, etc. We took the car back, they said they told us the part needed to be replaced right away (of course, the mechanic was covering his butt, because me & my BF BOTH heard him say it could wait til the next oil change.

I was also referred to CMI, their insurance company. The English as a second language agent for CMI was very rude, saying "I am not a mechanic, I don't know what they have to say"... but denied my claim saying that since I was told of the faulty part & drove the car anyway- they were denying my claim.

I am persuing this further. Walmart was the only place to ever change my oil.


I work at a CAT dealer and one of the guys we had working here as an intern, could not get a job anywhere after graduation, due to his lack of mechanical skills and work ethic. He finally ended up at WALMART. What does that tell you about their auto service centers?


something like that happened to my son in-law,they left the old gasket on and put a new on on top of the old one causing the car to loose all the oil and leaving him stuck on interstate 95. They also tried to deny it at that wal-mart but my son in-law called the main office, they finally owed up to it payed for the damage and wanted my son in-law to sign a waiver saying they can't come back after wal-mart for any other damages to the engine my son in-law said no way