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i try to bring in my diabetic supplies but they treat it as a back pack and expect me to surrender the supplies and when i refuse the guards at wal mart practically start a fight with me to try to get me too surrender said supplies

i might remind everyone of the ADA which allows people to bring in outside supplies even if inside a pouch, container or other bag as needed for diabetic supplies is not the same as a backpack in any way

i have fought with wal mart for the last time and am now considering a lawsuit against them for discrimination of diabetics

i am not the only one whit this condition that i have found this has happened to so clearly wal mart discriminates

Reason of review: guards need better training in human rights.

Preferred solution: to not have guards at the entrances or have them better trained to not discriminate .

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Isn't it discrimination if they allow you to bring the supplies into the store. In other words if they allow you to break the rules the security has because you are diabetic, is it not discrimination by giving you special treatment.

If you have a problem with this then don't go there. A lawsuit because they treat you the same and expect you to do the same procedure as everyone else.

Getting preferred treatment because you are diabetic is discrimination, not expecting you to follow the rules as everyone else. You are just upset that you are not getting preferred treatment because of your diabeties.

to Anonymous #882110

no you don't get what i am saying when they cot me stealing from the store they wanted me to surrender my diabetic supplies and check my bag and my diabetic pouch, this is discrimination since according to ADA I am allowed to bring outside supplies in the security office, the security officer said i cant bring my backpack in the office because it is being checked same with pouch, that is what i am saying they are discriminating me by not allowing my bag in the security office. when i was caught they expected me to surrender my backpack and pouch to be checked even though i did not put the stoolen item in my pouch, that is why i a getting a lawyer.

to Anonymous Florida, United States #882113

lmfao. not sure if fake, or just ***...

to Anonymous #882209

good luck! most places sell diabetic supplies so yes they can check your bag for "stolen goods" (depending on state.

some must have an officer present or to check) even if they dont sell supplies its still a bag! you could have anything in a bag stolen goods a knife a gun! dummy. you have no case!

if you need a shot right away they'd look in the bag to make sure and give it to you! dumb dumb dumb no case! i hope they go after you hard! a diabetic and stealing?!

nothing justifies stealing! if hungry go to food pantry or soap kitchen.

if need diabetic stuff go to emergency room! everything else you dont need!

to good luck not #882642

Dont steal. Did nobody ever tell you it's wrong to steal?

Stay out of Walmart nobody wants to put up with your sorry *** in our store.

People complain about how unfairly the employees treat them in situations like this yet nobody ever see's what the customers do to us.

First Born Triplet
to good luck not #882703

This is fake. They keep diabetic stuff off the shelves and a pharmacist has to get it for you so either.

a) they stole other things and put it in their backpack with their diabetic equipment


b) someone is pretending to be the OP and posted that for laughs and attention.

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