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Update by user Nov 21, 2014


Walmart Customer Care


You did not address the issue.

The issue is selling before your ad states.

The bigger issue, one would think is certainly more imperative, is the manner in which your store and employees treats their customers. Your response letter justifies their actions.

Yiddish Proverb: "No choice is also a choice".

The choice of your "inaction" speaks louder than the words in your response. Sincerely, Kimberly Ward

Update by user Nov 21, 2014

Here is Wal-Mart's response:


Recently you requested personal assistance from Customer Care.

Below is our response and a summary of your request.

Reference#: 141121-007644

Response email (11/21/2014 09:01 AM) Hi Kimberly, We have verified your request, we understand your concern. We do apologize for this issue, unfortunately, these items had limited amount of availability and was offered to customers available at store.

We noted this in your account about the experience you had today at store. If you have additional questions, please reply to this email and we'll be happy to assist. Sincerely, Gerson L. Customer Care *******So, does this mean that if I am "OFFERED TO CUSTOMERS AVAILABLE AT STORE" you will sell???

WHY DO YOU HAVE AN AD THAT STATES SALE STARTS AT 8 A.M.? This means that if I am in store...on Thanksgiving Day or Black-Friday...I can PURCAHSE even BEFORE you ad states!! Ok. Thank you.

I will take this letter in to see where that gets me! What a joke!

Original review posted by user Nov 21, 2014

This is an OUTRAGE! Your 8.a.m.

11/21 ad! I went to the (East Plano. 75 & Spring Creek) store at 7:30 this a.m. to purchase the $118 , 40" TV.

When I arrived~ THEY WERE ALREADY SOLD! AND SOLD OUT! It wasn't even 8 a.m.! WHY HAVE THE RULES?!

WHY ADVERTISE WHEN YOU DON'T HONOR YOUR OWN POLICIES??!! The female electronics clerk said "Yeah, I made a mistake". Too bad the guy standing there that bought one WAS HER FRIEND! She said she "sold all 5".

I asked to speak to the (Electronics) Mgr. She (Liz) said, "Yeah, you'd probably not get one being in line anyway, so we sold all 7". WHAT!?! She is acknowledging that SHE ALLOWED TO SELL BEFORE 8 AM?

I told her that THAT is AGAINST COMPANY POLICY and she said she was 'UNAWARE OF ANY POLICY'!! what??? THE POLICY TO GO BY WHAT IS STATED IN YOUR MARKETED ADS??? I asked to speak to a higher Mgr.

He (African Am) told me (white female) that it was my "(your) problem". Told me to go to another store! and "Yeah, we sold them to the first 12 people standing in line" What!! At 7:15a.m?

I got 3 different stories from 3 different people!! This is FALSE advertisement. You are legally bound to your 8a.m. sale and honoring YOUR price.

You are also bound to hire HONEST EMPLOYEES who go by rules & company policy!! You also have the responsibility to have your employees treat THEIR GUESTS with respect and dignity!! Don't you think that Mr. Walton would DISAPPROVE of a "Salaried Manager" in YOUR STORE that treats customers like this?

With all the negative hype of selling on Thanksgiving is EVEN BEFORE that~. I'm done. I will never shop Wal-Mart, again. There is a REAL REASON why people do NOT want your stores/Sam's built in their neighborhood.

It's about the DISHONESTY AND IMMORAL STANDARDS YOU KEEP. I am thoroughly and completely DISGUSTED with this morning's actions of your employees. It was truly great for my 13 year old daughter to see them in action, as well.

Thanks. For nothing!

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Advertisement.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $118.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Who gets that bent out of shape over a TV anyhow? Honestly if that makes you that mad, you truly need some counselling.


Why do people have to be so rude on here? It doesn't matter the gender or race.

We have rules for reasons~ Society functions based upon norms. Interestingly, I've never blogged before, yet felt compelled to do so today. Injustice, regardless of entity or system, is wrong. Get over it?

I've been doing Black Fridays for 20 years. Today, some people forgot The Golden Rule. Truly, THIS is sad. In re; to those being so rude about buying a TV...I run marathons.

I pity your shallowness. I'm almost sorry I posted.

The treatment on here is no different than Walmart. And to the copycat poster using my "nickname", get a life!


I told my 13 year old daughter that she is not allowed to shop at Walmart again. She also witnessed this and saw them in action.

My 13 year old daughter witnessed firsthand their dishonestly. I went home after being disappointed and told my daughter she is never to buy something from Walmart again. She can go shopping with her friends, but she is not to use her money to buy from Walmart again. If she does I will not love her anymore, and I will disown her and have her put in foster care(after destroying the item she bought at Walmart) Sam Walton would never approve of this behavior.

Kevin Richards thanks for your support but your posts are kind of racist. Thanks to everyone who is supporting me.


Uh. Ok. Nice *** job


Try using your real name & quit hacking!


No one is hacking, usually people claim they were hacked when they make a foolish post. You yourself admit you regret posting on here.

Do the mature thing and admit you made that post about abandoning your daughter.


Wow.. you don't deserve a tv or a daughter.

And if you aren't racist, why did you remark in your original post that the manager was African AM? I cannot believe you would write such a post about your own daughter,,,even if it was half jest...

it is wrong, just as you are about this whole situation. Typical cry baby response from some one who didn't get what they wanted....


people at walmart in albert lea,mn. can not tell time 8am means 8am.

not 3or4am.

you can be in line any time you want ,but by law you can not sell until 8am. if the ad is 8am.

@***ed ***sumer

By Law? Really?

Policy? Really. You should read up a bit before you shout out.

You are simply upset that you were number 8 in a line of people already waiting for 7 items. 7 items that were clearly advertised as "Limited quantity, While supplies last".

Get over it. You weren't there before the others - and the Universe doesn't owe you a free TV - and neither does Walmart.

What would you have them do?

Shoot anyone who shows up in line one minute prior to the sale time? Wait, don't answer, I really don't want to know.


The problem is the employee that sold the tv is black. They don't know how to read so how can they tell the time. Even if they could tell the time, reading is hard for them so they did not read the policy that says not to sell the television before 8am, this is the issue with hiring blacks unfortunately.


I totally agree with you--My husband went this morning at 5:30 to get in line for a TV and they told him they didn't have any


Same here I went to 3 walmarts all sold the TVs before 8 am


If you know the TV's are going all be sold by 8 , just get there earlier


duh , if the ads is 8am. by law you cant sell the tv until 8am. walmart broke the law.


There's a law saying walmart can't sell tvs before 8am. please, who gives a *** it's just a tv.

u never seen a tv before. be grateful, there's people starving in Africa for a tv.


You act like they are doing something new by breaking the law, this is not the first time they broke the law and they probably have big time lawyers that will find a loophole in the law. Or they will pay the fine for breaking the law and still make more money for the day.

It is not like they can close down all the stores or even the store that broke the law. If breaking the law means getting more money in the long run, that with minusing the fine they have to pay to break the law they will break the law.