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Wal-Mart recently changed their policy regarding submitting receipts for the savings catcher program. You are no longer allowed to manually submit receipts, and you must now use Wal-Mart Pay to use savings catcher.

I am a person with a disability. I use a wheelchair, and the act of shopping is exhausting to me. I use the Wal-Mart pick up service for all of my grocery shopping. Now that I can no longer submit receipts manually, I can no longer utilize the savings catcher program because you cannot use Wal-Mart Pay as a payment method when ordering online.

I sent a question to Wal-Mart advising of the situation and what I received in return was an automated answer telling me to look at the FAQ section on the website. Wal-Mart did not care that their program is now inaccessible to people like me. They did not care that they are essentially discriminating against people with disabilities. They did not even care enough to send anything other than an automated response.

I will no longer be using Wal-Mart for my grocery shopping.

I will return to Kroger because I can use my savings card, stored coupons, and in store coupons with their click list program. I will likely return to Meijer for all my other shopping needs because of Wal-Mart's dismissive behavior toward me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Savings Catcher Rewards Program.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Who cares if your in a wheelchair . That is not discrimination and I’m so sick of people crying discrimination just because they don’t get their way. Why don’t you try growing up.


Thank you for accurately portraying what is wrong with our society. It is discriminating if your policies prohibit the access to some of your services to people with disabilities because of their inability to access the store in a typical manner.

All I am asking for is the same access to services provided to everyone else. Especially since they were once available and have now been taken away. Why don't you try living with a chronic, disabling disease that makes you pass out doing simple daily tasks like taking a shower, let alone shopping inside a store.

I'd love to tell you to just grow up when you ask for some understanding. If you have nothing better to add than hate, why even bother commenting?


Who cares what you want, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.... At this point it doesn't matter, you're going back to Kroger so all should be well in your world.