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I went into Wal-mart to purchase everyday items. While in the store I noticed a huge after Christmas clearance section.

Upon entering the section I noticed red price tags all over the items. I picked up one of the items that had a $25.00 price tag on it. I proceeded to the check out. When the associate scanned the item it rang up $199.00.

I showed her the clearance stickers on the item and she rudely remarked "thats a 200 item, I'm not giving it to you for that price". So I asked to speak with a manger who claimed that the clearance sticker was not a Wal-Mart sticker. The sticker clearly said Wal-Mart on it. That manager called another manager over who also refused to fixed the price.

I called headquarters while I was in the store and was told by an associate on the phone that they would sent a message to the store and have the store manager meet with me. Thirty minutes later no one ever came. I called the toll free number back and was told they were going to put me on hold to call the store. I was on hold for another twenty minutes then disconnected.

Another manager comes out ant tells me regardless of the price on the product the price is 199.00. He also told me that any customer could have come in and changed the price while the item was on the shelf and that they were not going to stand behind the price as marked. The customer service at this location is horrible. I have never experienced a situation like this at a Wal-Mart store.

Between the corporate office and management the issue was never resolved. As of this date I will no longer shop at any Wal-Mart stores.

This happened at the Wal-Mart in Dumfries VA. The store number is 3588.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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I Only see one side Of this arguement and that goes "The customer is always right.. meaning if the workers they hire are dumb enough or make the "mistake of putting the Wrong price on the item and you happen to find that item they really should be entitled to give that item to you at that price you found it at!

"all that somebody could have Put the wrong tags on it when it was on the Shelf Is a Clear Excuse, first off that's bull because all the UPC codes are Scanned to "a Walmart location Or It would not Scan at all! They can Check the Cameras If they don't believe you wit that bull... this is the glass Is half empty Part "the reason why many Lol hate Big Business Corporation's!

"If you side with what I Said then "Hit a like!! :)


I can see both sides here. From their point of view, you probably switched the stickers.

From your point of view, it's not your problem if someone else switched the stickers.

Either way, they're in business to make money and have the right to refuse a sale. :(


The amount of time on your hands you had to chase down managers and stay on the phone over something this *** astounds me.


Terrible! I cannot believe they don't let us get away with ***!

We are the customers! We are ALWAYS right even when we are wrong!

First B

So if another customer put their own price tags or placed their own items in clearance sections they should get it cheaper. Since the item was for a young child I believe you have children.

If so I hope they were not with you, this behavior of yours teaches them that it is okay to take advantage of someone else mistake. They should not have to give you the item because a customer changed the price and chickened out and I hope your children were not with you when you were setting low standards. Me too don't blame the company blame the person who chickened out and the OP for trying to take advantage of the situation. If the OP and others were honest that in cases of yours where you have a legit complaint you would not have an issue of not being believed.

Also trust me changing the price and attempting to get it cheaper is fraud, it does not matter if you tried to get the item cheaper because someone else changed the price or you it is fraud. You make it harder for people like Me Too and anonymous from Texas to be believed when it is their fault because the small population of people like you are dishonest.


Just had a similar problem an hour ago. They had items in the clearance section and I picked one up that said 14.96.

They had 6 of the same item with that price over in that section. All had the clearance sticker of 14.96. when I went to check out it rang up 88 dollars. They refused to honor the price.

Even after I explained they had a number of the same items over there. This has happened to many times to count.


Christmas was on clearance. THAT is not a Christmas item, and honey, whoever put the tag on it probably tried to scam the store and chickened out, then tossed it down.

No store is going to give you a $150 price cut. NONE.

Would YOU if it were YOUR money? *** no, and if you say yes, you are a liar.


This happened to me as well only the price was marked 49.99 on the shelf and it rang up as 149.99. They also did not honor their price when they are the ones who posted it.

After dealing with the manage and calling coporate nothing was resolved.

I no longer shop at wal-mart. I understand they can not let prices go but if they are the ones that price the item they must honor it.


Maybe they're not the ones doing it. Some customers so switch tags.


No store is going to let a 199.00 item go for 25.00. Would you let that go for that price if it was your store.

I am so tired of people not looking at both sides of the situation. People always trying to get stuff for free.

@Too funny