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Wal-Mart doesn't honor their signed prices! When shopping with my sister, we were in the garden center when my sister said "I need a new gas grill". I looked over at the grills and there was a sign that said "$15" at the top of the rack. So we asked the clerk if we could get one. She said that price was for just the top shelf (which was empty). I told her that the sign says $15 and I wanted the grill for the signed price. She went and got her department manager. There was three different areas on this shelving unit. The signs said "$15, $29, and $39. The prices of the gas grills under the signs were in the first one ranged from $99 to $139, second $159 to $199, and the third one was $200 and up.

The manager said that those signs were for merchandise that had been moved the day before to the other side of the room. Again I said that I wanted the gas grill for the signed price. She said "No". I told her to please get the store manager in charge.

The store manager came out and I told her that I wanted the gas grill for the signed price. She said "No, they have signed that way for 3 years and they have never had that problem." She argued with me for over five minutes that there was no way she would sell me the grill ($99) for the signed price of $15.

The next day we were at another Wal-Mart and I happened to see the store manager. I asked him "What would you do if this had been his store?" He said "First I would have apologized for the mistake, then offered to sell you the grill for a discounted price. But, in the end if I would have been adamant about the price, he would have had to sell it to me for the signed price."

We shop at Wal-Mart all the time and this is the first time I have ever had this problem. Watch out at the register that what you thought was the price of an item, is what it really rings up for.

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That's how you do it American! Complain and moan and whine until you get it for free or cheap!

You might even be able to get a gift card out if it.

Mean while you are trampling someones day who had nothing to do with the complaint you are lodging. Deal with it, pay the $100 or get lost.


What you're describing is a common misconception among buyers. It's the idea that the store has to sell something at the price listed on the floor. I've had this happen in the past in my retail experience, and every time I was hit with the "bait and switch" threat, or the idea that it's a law. Quick fact. It's no law. No where, is there a law that stipulates that if a price says 15 dollars, that any item below it must be sold for 15 dollars. As for bait and switch? That only applies to published advertisements.

The thing is, and this is the big point that most shoppers don't realize, is that in cases like this the shopper could legally be arrested. You see, it's a common tactic of thieves to "misprice" an item and then demand it at the lower price. That type of theft is called "Theft by Conversion" and is just as illegal. In this case, count your lucky stars that the manager didn't decide to be a real *** and call the police.

In every case, if you find a price that doesn't look right to you, and let's face it the fact that you saw a grill for supposedly 15 dollars is one such case, then you should ALWAYS pause and ask one of the associates or employees if the price is correct. It doesn't hurt you any, unless you're a thief that changed the prices yourself, to make sure you're getting the right price. Be polite at all times, but always assume that the listed price is incorrect.


We had the same issue with Walmart yesterday. We were purchasing a mattress for a crib.

The sticker on the mattress said markdown and was red with a $9.00 price tag stuck on it. It was the last one on the shelf. When it rang up at the register it rang for $79.00, not the $9.00 the red tag said was the price. The item that rang up was the crib mattress.

We argued with the clerk, then the mananger who told us she would be fired for honoring the price from the sticker!

They did discount the mattress, but they did not honor the price that was marked and pasted on the mattress, plus the clerk yanked the sticker off the mattress and wadded it up while we were discussing the fact they would not honor the price they had posted. I guess we were lucky the clerk honored the negotiated price when we got to the checkout, but they did not honor the price they posted!


Now they want to press charges agaist me because I was the one who they claimed switched the prices. Those *** tapes were doctored. I dont know how but they doctored the *** tapes.


Yep, Im sure they doctored the video tapes to show you changing the prices just so they could take against you.

IF you did the price switch, it was dumb! for so many reasons.

If you didnt, then you should have enough common sense to know that a $160 grill is NOT intentionally marked down to $15...unless its only good for scrap metal.


It sounds like you are the theif trying to take advantage of an mistake someone made. You are sooooooooooooooooo sad..... :( :(


I work at walmart and come on I gas grill for 15?! Some people need common sense!


When has a gas grill ever sold for $15? You knew that wasn't the price.

You were just trying to rip off the store.

I would have thrown you out for attempting to defraud the store.

If you want a gas grill, pay for it. Don't try to rip off the store on a technicality.


They don't have to honor signed prices, especially when the sign if for a completely different product.


So, one store wouldn't sell to you at an unreasonable price - yet another would have, so ALL of Wal-Mart sucks?

This sounds like a very one-sided argument, I'd want to see what the shelf looked like before I could agree that this was their fault, and not yours.

Don't get me wrong, there's lots not to like about Wal-Mart, but I'm not convinced this case is one of them.