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I had an issue with ammo purchase proceedure. I took time to talk to the Manager of the store.

I got the same answeres that I always get from subordnate associates. They say I'm Wrong and

They are Right. I believed the customer is always right. I couldn't get them to be reasonable in

My case. I feel that I was most reasonable. I think they believe that agreeing with reason is a

sign of weekness and loss of control. They should not take things personally and concentrate on

the business of making money for Wal-Mart,and to not make a point of proving the customer wrong

and not sparing any time and errort doing it. Why does Wal-Mart not care about customers that they

*** off.Maby its that they know that more customers are coming in all the time, and if a few of them

get mad,it's no BIG deal.There are plenty of fools shopping and it don't matter if some are pissed off.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $6.

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If you are underage and that is your issue then you will be denied by any store. no one wants to loose there job because they sold ammo to someone they shouldn't have...

you never really did state what was your issue. so i'm gonna go with the age thing like the others did.


You will in all instances be denied to purchase ammunition when you act like an ***, as the associate has the right to deny sale based on your demeanor at time of purchase. An associate does not have to sell you ammunition, and there is not a *** thing the manager can do about it.

When you act like you are a decent human being who is also of age, your ammunition sale will proceed as usual. Otherwise, you are free to take your business to another store.


Let me guess: You're mad that they don't sell ammo to 8 year olds? Sorry, but maybe when you're a little older, your parents will get you some BB's.


Wal-mart applies their policy unilaterally. If an employee does not adhere to policy they are terminated.

At the end of the day, the customer has rights, however those rights only extend as far as choosing who they do business with. An employee is not going to risk loosing their job to make a customer happy.

Consumer A

Evidently the customer is not always right when it comes to spelling/grammar.