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I received money gifts for graduating high school a few nights ago and I decided to buy my dad a movie as a gift. The movie he wanted was rated R and I didn't bring any ID that says I'm 18 with me, so I brought him in since I knew I'd need someone with ID with me to buy the movie.

When we got to the register, she asked for my birth date to which I replied the movie was for my dad who was next to me. She rudely stated that he needed to hand her the movie and not me. I gave the movie to him to give to her and she told us how much to pay and when I tried handing my money to her, she practically yelled at me that he has to give her the money. At no point during any of this was I the least bit rude to her, she was just being a *** for no reason.

The tone she said, "Have a good day" made me want to hit her though. I've never had to do this with any other employee at any other store, Wal-Mart or otherwise.

Every other time, I just had to have someone with ID to buy R rated movies and me handing them the movie and money was fine. I'm not really mad about that, what *** me off was the tone she was taking with us for no reason.

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Its not her fault that you did not have an id.

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