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On july 4th 2017 my boyfriend and I were walking into walmart to make a return. As we were walking in a lady ran a yield sign and almost hit us, my boyfriend tapped the back of her car with his hand to let her know we were there.

She got out of the car yelling and followed us into the store. My boyfriend told her that he was not going to go look at ger car and that he had not damaged it and that we would be in customer service. She then grabbed his arm and started trying to pull him towards the door. He pulled away and continued to customer service, the lady followed still yelling all the way to customer service.

When we got there about 8 to 10 walmart employees had surrounded my boyfriend and informed him that the police had been called. One employee stood in front of him in the return line and three stood at the end of the line and there were others in between them around the line. He was told he could not leave, when he said he would leave if he wanted to they told him he would be taken to an office and held hostage until the police arrived if he tried to leave.

Then he was told he could not talk and he needed to be quiet or he would be taken into an office. He had done nothing wrong and had been assaulted but he was treated like a criminal and was told that he would be held against his will in a walmart office if he tried to leave.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Yes deary I'm sure you did nothing wrong. Silly people in that car. Bad lady bad lady


First of all, don't touch someone else's car.

Second, when the person wants you to come see if there is damage, just do it.

This is on you.

Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1349137

Being neutral...the driver was wrong not yielding, driver didn't hit you but almost, words were exchanged, and it should have ended there. Your boyfriend then hitting her car, however soft or hard, may have resulted in damage, as minor as it can be, but non the less.

Driver was forced to follow the person who may have damaged her car, he should have just checked to see then go from there. But instead, a scene happens, the wheels come off the crazy train. Walmart has cameras in their parking lots, so they probably were reviewed and saw your boyfriend becoming aggressive towards the driver. Yes, again the driver was wrong, but your boyfriend made it worse.

Being a hot-head doesn't make you right, and tends to cause more problems. Hopefully everyone involved learned their lesson. Accidents happen, people don't pay attention, etc., but when it becomes violent, that's when the line is crossed.

I can't blame the driver for persuing the person who may have damaged their car. Grow up, and learn from this.

to aliens_amoung_us #1349141

He just touched her car, she was absolutely in the wrong. He did not damage her car in any way he barely touched it.

It did make a noise and maybe he shouldn't have done it, but she immediately got aggressive. He was not being aggressive he just tapped the car with his opened flat hand to let her know there were people there and she almost hit us. And the complaint is against walmart acting like he did something wrong immediately and threatening to hold him in an office, not what happened with the lady.

And the tapes were not reviewed until the police arrived the employees acted the way they did with out knowing what happened and let her go out and move her car while he was surrounded and told he couldn't leave. It was ridiculous and he was assaulted so the lady and walmart were in the wrong.

to Anonymous Las Cruces, New Mexico, United States #1350201

I would bet if I just "touched" his car, or yours for that matter, you would feel differently, but whatever makes you sleep better at night.


I sent a complaint about this incident and the manager said they handled the situation the best they could and she would review the video. This does not seem like a resolution to me.

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