Reston, Virginia
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I went into Wal-Mart with a blank check from hubby to get new eye glasses ( Dec 6, 08 ). I Finally received them in January.

By April, I could not see thru them for the fog or haze on them. I returned to Wal-Mart and encountered the most arrogant woman working there telling me that I ( YES ME) had done this to my glasses by using fabric sheets in my laudry. I told her this was a complete and totally untrue remark. I DO NOT use ANY TYPE of chemicals except Gain detergent.Anything else is highly offensive to my smell.

She then TOLD ME TO GO TO THE PHARMACY, there was a scratch remover there. I ask Pharmacy and they look at me as if I was the one that was nuts. I went to a wal mart eye care service in another state and they told me my lenses were defective and the scratches were on the inside and would only get worse ( it is called a glare coating). I explained to her that I had done what they told me to do.

How to clean them. Keep them in their case at night. EVERYTHING. I pray that you DO NOT go and spend your hard earned money on this group of people because you will only end up with faulty glasses and nothing to show for the money you spent.

After you leave, thats its....BTW-the lady that helped me had the same identical lenses as mine and she cleaned her in the sink!!! I spent close to 400 dollars and can not see a thing from glasses that I had for less than 4 months!

Wal-Mart may be the cheapest AND make the most money but making it this way is STEALING like a common THIEF!

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I also purchased glasse from Walmart that ended up being faulty, only to be told to contact the factory who is apearantly over seas with no way to contact. even online!

the last two major purchases I made at walmart ended the same way!!! NO MORE BUISNESS WITH WALMART!!