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By far, my family and I had one of the worst experiences ever!!!

My husband &I decided to go to on Friday April 15, 2011 to Wal-Mart(Store #3601, Crestwood IL) to purchase our first flat screen TV. We came across a very nice 46" LCD Samsung TV, with very good resolution advertised at the price of 788.00($898.00 was). We asked the associate from electronics department to check stock & to bring the tvso that we can purchase. Upon our request, the associate informed us that they do have that model in stock, BUT that we would have to pay the full price of $898.00 instead of the advertised priced (located right below the tv) of $788. My husband &I looked at each other confused, we were both looking at the price tag right below the TV which reads $788. When questioned as to why would we have to pay the full price when it says clear as day $788 the walmart employee preceded to tell us that it was "because they never changed the price tags and the reason they still have the sale price tag displayed was because it had all the product information on it…so, that's why we kept it". I wasn't going to waste any of my time trying to explain to this person that this doesn't make any sense. A customer makes a decision to purchase a product based on quality &price advertised. You cannot tell a customer that: you'll have to pay the full price even though it is advertised at the lesser sale price. This is not making any sense. I immediately requested to speak with a supervisor/manager in charge.

10 - 15 minutes have passed &finally Ms. Rhonda, Assistant Manager came. Before we got a chance to speak to us, she pulled the associate that was assisting us to the side & talked amongst themselves for an additional 5 minutes. Finally, they both approached us. I've explained Ms. Rhonda that we wanted to purchase the TV now/today at the advertised price, but that her associate informed us that even though the price tag does say $788 we would have to pay the full price of $898.Ms Rhonda clearly seemed aggravated, (almost like we were wasting her time) at the situation. Having a lot of experience in retail customer service, I thought all that was going to be done was she was going to see the price tag and clearly admit foulght and honor the price on the tag.BOY WAS I WRONG!Instead, she offered me a discount off of the full price but not the $788, as advertised. We proceeded to ask as to why she would not fully honor the $788 &asked if it was our foulght.Why should a customer have to pay more because obviously someone in that department did not do their job? Question to which she offered no answer or explanation.She claimed "the price is what it is" with an aggravating tone. Now I become perplexed. Upon hearing this I have immediately called the 800# to file complain against the store for FALSE ADVERTISEMENT and against MANAGEMENT FOR THE WAY THEY CONDUCT BUSINESS.

I EXPECT CORPORATE TO FOLLOW UP & CORRECT THIS SITUATION!!!(have pics&phone record to prove)

****In response to my efforst to post this story on facebook, Wal-mart keeps deleting my posts or comments.

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They have to honor that price. Lawsuit


What is foulght


Not sure how it is in IL, but in some states, the law requires the item to be sold at the advertised price, even if the real price is higher. I would follow though with your state's consumer protection agency and see what they say.


She later claimed that the cameras saw her husband moving the price tag. She claimed the tape was doctored.


The corporate phone number does nothing they say it is up to the store manager, Walmart is a joke. If you hire idiots who put wrong tags or don't take tags down you should honor the price it is bad business. Not the customers fault.


That's illegal. You need to make a complaint to the government division that handles consumer complaints against unlawful business practices.

I wish you could have video recorded it all and posted it on youtube. Those two idiots should be fired.


It is very illegal to have a price on a item and charge (or try to)a higher price. It is called bait and switch. Contact your state attorney general and file a complaint against Wal-Mart

@4th gen Lawyer

You are not a lawyer, if you were you would know what bait and switch actually is. It is when a store advertises a price for say at television for $500, they don't have any in stock and try to sell another one for $600.


This is as *** as the person who posted it.

Obviously has never had a legal class in her life.

An advertised price does not lock any retailer into giving you ANYTHING for that price. You would lose that case faster than a 3 year old at Disney.

I am surprised that a huge corporation, like Walmart, would not have just said shut this lady up and give it to her poor ***


I would like to retract my last statement as I just found out the this has never really happened my husband has been using my children to change prices promising to buy treats for them if they switch prices. That was the real reason he could not get the price for what he wanted.


Suing over wrong prices isn't that over doing it? I work for walmart and the 1 I work for if the price rings up 1 thing and the tag says another they honor it not all walmart are bad but customers on the other hand are down right rude and nasty for things the Associate can't control can we sue customers for that?




Go shop somewhere else if Wal-Mart treats you so poorly.

Don't let the door hit you in the *** on your way out.


Have you emailed corporate about it?

go to their website and you can email coporate.. it has always helped me when I have had a problem with anything..


Walmart does this all the time. My husband had gone in one day looking at baby stuff.

They had a bassinet there clearly marked for 32.99. He checked the numbers on the tag and the box and they both matched. He got to the register and it rung up for 79.99. He goes oh no thats not right.

He went back and showed them the tag. Their response well we cant sell it to you for that. What?????? This is illegal last time I checked.

So they proceeded to say that youll have to call and talk to the store manager tomorrow when they are on shift. Now we didnt want the bassinet that bad but for that price we would have taken it. There are apparently huge lawsuits against walmart for wrong prices. They have tags stating a certain price then you go to the register and it is completely different.

They get people this way and thats why their prices can stay so low because in the end they are really making out. We have stopped shopping at walmart because I would rather not waste my time fighting with rude management all the time over prices.