Springfield, Missouri
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I bought a package of frozen hamburgs at a Wal Mart in Springfield Missouri, I fixed myself a hamburg and while eating it I bit down and heard a crack, I then found my tooth had broken off 1/3 of the tooth due to a bone in the meat. I emailed the main office with the number and information from package hoping to get some kind of reply but to this date still nothing.

I have worked at Wal Marts before and know it's faster to get an answer about something like this by contacting home office, it's what they will tell you to do at the store. I would have been happy if they would have offered to pay for at least half but this told me they didn't care, just like there prices are no longer "The Lowest" as they used to say. I've found many other stores that have the same items and are a lot lower in price, since Sam died they store has gone down and wages are still back in the 1960's.

I used to shop at only Wal Mart but that has stopped since you won't find what you used to since the new CEO took over he's made shopping at the stores bad. Look at stuff yourselves and check prices and you will see, as for the meat I have not found anymore bones but I do now have a $1200 dental bill.

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they're, their, there

you're welcome.


Fake complaint. People from Missouri that shop at Walmart don't have teeth.


so did this happen at walmart or krogers? this exact complaint was posted multiple times.


The person that wrote this comment is lying since I'm the one that wrote about the tooth. This lying person needs to pull his/her head out of their backside so they can see the real world.