Clover, South Carolina

i,m really mad wal-mart free gift card pops up saying click here 4 a $1000.00 gift card then when u do u have 2 take a *** survey.then after that they want u 2 submit 2 companys i ended the survey there but then i get all these calls from telemarkers from giving my ph# 2 wal-mart only my # is private not 2 b given out 2 other company,s if i wanted them 2 have my # i would have given it 2 them / now i have all these telemarkers calling me and there was no gift card ,so i,m going 2 see what can b done about this thru consumer affairs etc SHAME ON U WAL-MART AND I SHOP THERE, DONT GIVE OUT OR SELL MY PHONE # AND AFTER ALL THAT NO GIFT CARD SHAME,SHAME, UR REALLY STOOPING LOW NOW

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Gift Card.

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How did they suck the money off your phone if you didn't start the survey yet?


I had all of my money sucked off of my phone from this survey. And I am really upset from all the text messages doing this.

you should really be ashamed of yourself. I did not give you permission to do this.

I didn't even get the survey started before you started sucking all my money off of my phone. Your company is going down hill in my book, from the looks of it others feel the same way.


try having a some one all you with a heavy indan accent telling yo his name is bob smith form some lawfrim and you will be behind the bars in 24 hrs.Some bs payday loan online. i never did have one, so i kept calling them back asking totally legit questions i had him so confused he did'nt know his butt from a whole in the ground.really i must have called bout 20 times.i told the i reported the # to the office of internal affairs, but i really did.


uh dude can you spell s c a m?

it wasn't walmart, it was people trying t o scam you.

no such thing as a free lunch. if it sounds too good to be true, then it is too good to be true.


i did many surveys on line to recieve one of three gift cards on the computer i did alot of surveys answered alot of questions got many phone calls and offers which i took advantage of but any one of the three gift cards promised to me which were $250.00 , $500.00 and $1000.00 i do alot of business with walmart and would have loved to get any or all three gift cards felicia waldvogel 414 south main st gloversville n.y. 120780phone 518-752-4363 e-mail 4/19/10


Copy and paste the following address in to your browser. Complete the survey and you will get a 1,000,000,000,000 Wal Mart gift card.


It is very obvious from the above description that this was NOT Walmart! This was a telemarketing firm that POSED as Walmart, which is why you are getting endless calls now.

You thought you would get free money? You should be smarter next time and not click on links that tell you you are getting free money.

NOT WALMART'S fault. Shame on YOU for being a gullible consumer.