Scranton, Pennsylvania
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I realize that our economy is suffering. But all in the same people are getting laid off from work unemployment rate is climbing and wal-mart is raising its prices across the board at least 30 cents per item!! OUCH if that doesnt hurt. I am going to my local reuced price stores and boycotting Wal-mart for 90% of my purchases for this reason alone.

They have under sold many stores for years forcing them out of business and now that they have succeeded they remove all the middle line products which sometimes beat the GV comparible product and only sell the high end product or their own.

Shame on you WAL-MART for forcing the compitition out and then raising your prices and reducing the vast variety you once offered. Just so very wrong do .. no better than those phone companies who monopolized areas and forced smaller companies out of business. Our country needs small businesses in order to thrive. I have found that most of the products I used to go Wal-mart for that other than Wal-Mart brand, Wal-mart no longer sells.

Plus the price of angel hair pasta only one GV product I used to buy, has doubled in cost in less than a year. Are we indeed suffering from a shortage of food for this type of inflation to be staring us head on? or it is just greed?

I used to go there for 99% of my shopping now I spend less than 10% of my shopping there.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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LOL I heard of wally world but walfarts is a new one..


LOL I heard of wally world but walfarts is a new one..

Robin B

:sigh yes i noticed that i just went@ walfarts and corn dog went from 3.97 to 6.97 and as i whent on in the store to shop i said screw this i went to save lot and just the few things i bought at walfart was a lot more than 2 week of groceries at save a lot i say boycot walfarts