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This is the feedback that i left for them:

I have not seen nor have i heard Wal-Mart state that there was a weekly reciept limit?!?! I have read what little information given in the app and this was not stated. I have 3-4 receipts that were for under $20. So what is the weekly limit? I will post this feedback on pissedconsumrr.com to let everyone know that this is something to watch for.

I guess that's what happens when you depend on a company to pay you if there is another store that has a lower price.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Preferred solution: allow my last receipt and tell me how many i can submit, that way i can have a reason to not shop their stores..

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Y'all are *** ***. I bet no one in that group even got past fractions in math :p anyways creating another account sounds like your best way around it.


I have several receipts..two from today in fact i can't enter. i have not entered any this week so i know there is no reason to refuse the receipt.

The savings catcher won't give the date option to enter so it won't take the receipt. This has happened to me several times, I have asked why and got no response from Walmart..


plus that 7 receipt limit is per account anyways. create another account.


I don't understand why this is a complaint anyways. You should be thankful that there are ways that you can save money instead of complaining.

Don't you read before you sign things? Those applications can take a lot of data.


1st off there's nothing to sign smart one, 2nd off it mentions absolutely nothing about a weekly receipt limit. Do you not ever know what your talking about before you criticize others post? Mind your business and stay in your lane.


interesting - go to "About Savings Catcher" on the Savings Catcher page of the app...then to FAQ and...oh wow...there it is "how many receipts can I submit?". Found it in three taps. People sure are lazy these days...but spent way more time complaining about it.


Judging from this person's grammar, I doubt they can read.


The Terms and Conditions under the Savings Catcher CLEARLY state:

You may submit a maximum of seven (7) receipts in one week through the Walmart Savings Catcher. Additional receipts will not be accepted.

Like SmarterThanYou said, maybe you should read things before complaining.


They have this information all over the place. Perhaps you should READ things and then you wouldn't be so upset.