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I made an order of 5 items on July 3, 2014. I received the first 2 items within a week. Then next two items another week later. The last item has not arrived yet and today is July 19. I have called so many times 2 customer service agents adjusted my order amount for me. I was to be refunded 29.11 but instead they tried to take that amount out and now I am overdrawn.

But that could be an innocent human error. Here is the worst. I was on the phone all morning trying to find someone to help me when the customer service number connected me to an agent named Natasha. Natasha had an attitude from the start and at one point said to me "Oh my god!" I dont think I was suppose to hear that but since I did I asked her, "Oh my god what?" Silence. "What was the oh my god for?" I ask. She replies in a huff "Because you are not listening to me!" I was listening. Listening so hard in fact I heard every nonsense thing she was trying to tell me. Then she asks if she can put me on a brief hold. I was leary and figured she would just let me sit there. 10 minutes later she came back and told me I was being charged for the 5th and remaining item when I had already paid for it and it wasnt even the correct amount! When I questioned her logic, she hung up on me.

Yes she HUNG UP! Walmart I am saddened that a major corporation such as yourself cannot or does not provide at least a little bit of customer service training. I dont care what her real problem was but as a paying customer no one deserves that sort of treatment. I understand frustration with customers as Ive been there..but if that had been me- my butt would have been fired right then and there.

You would be a mom and pop shop if it wasnt for your customers Wal-Mart and we deserve better.

Natasha deserves to be held accountable for this and perhaps even fired. Maybe then she will treat people with the respect they deserve for paying her salary!

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Rusty C

Go kick her *** it will make you feel better