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Everytime I go into Wal Mart, I see more floor associates than I do cashiers. Many of these associates seem to be doing nothing at all, quite a few I see out in the parking lot socializing or sitting in their cars.

Every single Wal Mart manager I see is always walking around, talking or whatever, and not working. I get up to check out and there are only a few cashiers here and there. The lines are always long, the shortest time I have waited has been 50 seconds according to my watch. The rest of the time it goes over a whole minute.

I feel like I am going through the DMV when I go to Wal Mart. Cashiers even get mad at me when I have enough of it and try to go through the 20 items or less line with a cart full of stuff. I just want to get through and get out of there. I am tired of feeling like I am going into prison when I go to Wal Mart.

Wal Mart management is awful. Where do they find these people??

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FastFoodPrincessLea you don't have a husband in Home Office, get over it. I don't why that's a fantasy of yours.


If working at home office was so easy then everyone would do it.


"Dot58, Walmart store-level managers would rather do everything wrong. They are incompetent."

Actually it is the home office people who are incompetent. Especially the textile supervisors. They just sit on their butts nine hours a day doing nothing.

Seriously Mrslea is only calling the managers incompetent because they did not break the rules for her and give in to her, despite the fact that she lied to them and claimed her husband works at home office and will have them fired and the store shut down. However if you look at her 20 reviews and her bitchiness you would know no man in their right mind would marry her so she is not married and dealing with this bitchiness everyday they know the whole husband thing is a lie, she even admitted she stole a discount card and gave a the name of the district manager displayed by the returns desk only to have them find out it was a big fraud.

AS for the OP, the reason they are in their cars is because they are on their lunch break. However you sound just like Mrslea, expecting them to help you while on lunch break, and throwing a temper tantrum when they don't. Does your "husband" also work at home office. Or are there just two people who behave like they are three years old when they go shopping.


Dot58, Walmart store-level managers would rather do everything wrong. They are incompetent.


jpug, then go search for help you lazy piece of ***. as for you Dot58, grow up.

anyone that shops at Walmart knows what they're getting into. if you only have to wait a minute or two to get rung out then that's an extremely short amount of time. did you ever stop to think that they employees outside are on a break? not only are they entitled to breaks, it's basically state law.

my advice? stop being a lonely *** that just wants some to complain about.


Also if you cannot wait in line for 50 seconds than you have more issues than not having enough cashiers. Oh the shock you had to wait in line for over one minute.

The cashiers get angry at you because they expect a grown man or woman like yourself to know how to count. You must be nine years old to think that you can just do what you want and go to the express lane.


jpug, most likely if you knew how to read you could find the item yourself. What do you expect for low prices, full staff?

Then you would be complaining the prices are too high. You want lower prices expect to deal with *** service.

As for the OP, you are dumb, those things that Big Bruce listed are all jobs. You most likely work in an office and sit on your fat *** for nine hours a day surfing for p0rn when you are supposed to be using the commputer for work.

Now that is what I call doing nothing. Also why are you concerned about them being on the floor, is having more employees on the floor making it harder for you to shoplift?


Who you think

*Stocks the shelves?

*Unloads the truck?

*Cleans the restroom?

*Runs the customer service desk?

*Unlocks things from sporting goods and electronics?

*Stations the fitting room?

*Answers the phone?

*Makes the work schedule?

*Places orders for the merchandise in the store?

*Gets orders for Pick-up-Today?

*Stocks the dairy cooler?

*Brings carts in from the parking lot?

*Gets prescriptions from the pharmacy?

*Cooks the food in the deli?

*Carries out large items for customers?

*Serves people in the deli?

*Builds the bikes and grills?

*Staffs the photo center?

You have no idea how a store works. And the people in their cars and standing outside are on their break (GOD FORBID ANYONE TAKES A BREAK IF IT MEANS YOU HAVE TO WAIT AN EXTRA THREE MINUTES).


I agree, and when you need one of the floor associates to help you, no one is around or it is not their area.