Stone Mountain, Georgia
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I live near the Wal-Mart on Hwy 61 Connector in Villa Rica. Every time I go in there intending to buy groceries.

They never have everything on my list. I am talking about simple items like frozen vegetables,ketchup,saltine crackers, etc. I have spoke to the store manager. All they ever say is "We're sorry".

"It's ordered by a computer". I worked retail for many years. I worked for a retail chain that used a computer ordering system. We care enough to go in and manually adjust the product inventory order.

We wanted to make sure that the items was in stock. The complaint number to the head office is in Bentonville,AK. It should be called 1-800-DONT-GIVE-A-***. The employee's act like you're bothering them if you ask for help.

Most of them will just say they don't know. Some will tell you to get help. They never return. They're in another aisle cutting up and laughing.

Most of the cashiers act like you're bothering them by coming in their line. I can get great service and a efficently stocked store at Bremen GA, Carrollton GA, and Douglasville GA.

I find it ridicioulous to have to go to these cities when I have a Wal-Mart less than five minutes down the road! I think Sam Walton is rolling over in his grave due to the *** Villa Rica Wal-Mart.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Walmart store in Villa Rica, Ga.

Pros related to this store: friendly staff, always smile at customers and do whatever they can within their capacity to help, well-lit store, has a Subway, hair salon, vision center inside store, police station right next door, & if you need it, security will walk you to your car if it is late at night, open 24 hours, open most every holiday, most of the time the bathrooms are clean, items are often on the shelves where they should be, rarely do I ever see an employee just standing around---they are usually working hard, can easily buy stamps or do light banking, etc., usually a manager is nearby or can come fairly quickly if needed most of the time, most cashiers have learned to tell customers who interrupt them when they are dealing with the first customer, to please wait--that they will be with them shortly, some people who work there work there for life/infrequent turnover.

Cons -- some of the very old workers are somewhat slow, but the store usually puts them in spots where this really doesn't affect customers too much, some of the employees, not many, but some, (recently) look very hardened--like they just got out of prison or something, the parking lot is dangerous---just the way it is laid out and the connecting roads and exits, sharp corners that you cannot see around easily, it is just hard to see.

Some pedestrian, or even a child, will eventually get hit there. Hope not, but I think it is inevitable. The parking lot is always dirty and has trash and often sharp objects laying around. There are other stores in the shopping center, so I'm not sure who would be responsible for cleaning all this.

But they, Walmart, could probably do with having someone come in and clean the parking lot every couple of days. They could do this late at night or early in the morning. The store, the physical building itself, gets a lot of traffic, so it's getting older and needs some work or refurbishing very soon. On certain days of the week, it seems, they are low on or out of stock of certain items---it's like the employees responsible for ordering do not "anticipate" heavy shopping times of the year or month.

(like in the spring when everyone gets their tax returns---more shopping!) The pharmacy tries hard, but they are just so slow that you have to wait and wait. I know they try hard and technology is helping them to move things along, but still seems they are very slow at times. Customer service/returns employees are friendly, but the lines are long, long at times. They have just changed their returns policy or something, one man in line in front of me was upset because they are now making people wait 7 or 8 days, or something like that, to receive a return if they write a check.

The bathrooms in the front of he store are often closed due to cleaning or there are tons of people in them. They seem smaller than the bathrooms at the back of the store---I would think they would put the larger bathrooms at the front. The garden area smells of chemicals in the spring and probably needs better ventilation. It must be hard to work there all season with that smell.

Some of the rows are hard to get a buggy through because they are either just too tightly placed or there is a pole from floor to ceiling in the way. Not really sure, IMO, some of the perishables are really kept cold enough. Although the buggy guys do a good job of bringing all the buggies inside from the parking lot each day, the buggies are still filthy.

They need to hire someone to come and spray clean them with hot water and detergent frequently.


If walmart does not have what you are looking for shop somewhere else. Oh wait they may be out of something so you will have to look for yet another grocery store.


oh shut up. Walmart is good for their cheap prices.

if you want better service and more food in stock, go to an actual grocery store.

and contact MsLea's husband since he works at Walmart Home Office. oh wait, MsLea lies about that.


Most likely they are acting like you are bothering them because you ask stup!d questions such as.

1. Where is the electronics department?

2. Where can I find the Pop Tarts?

3. What is the price of this?

1. If you had used your brain and read the sign you could have found electronic department yourself.

2. If you don't see the item off the shelf it is sold out. If you are looking for Pop Tarts in the electronics department I pray for you.

3. The price is right under the item. Get your glasses out and look, or get your head out of your *** and look.

If the strange items you want is always out of stock shop somewhere else.


Oh. My.

God. Go to another store, ***


"I can get great service and a efficently stocked store at Bremen GA, Carrollton GA, and Douglasville GA" Then go to those stores and pay their prices.

"They're in another aisle cutting up and laughing." They are probably attempting suicide (by "cutting") because they see no hope in humanity through you.