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I recently worked at the Lindon, UT Wal-Mart for approximately 2 months. I have to post this because I honestly enjoyed working for Wal-Mart it was convenient, very close by to where I live and I really actually liked working there. There are few jobs in the world that I believe anyone can actually say they enjoy and I wanted it to be known that I enjoyed working here at Wal-Mart. I had to write this because I was "Let Go" (not fired) today this morning in fact. I feel there was no good logical excuse whatsoever for being let go and I really want it to be known how completely bull *** the reason was because there was no good excuse and that's a fact!!!

When I was hired I was NEVER told that I was only a SEASONAL worker to help out until the seasons were over or anything of the sort. The closest I was told to being a possible short term employee was that I would only be temporary until I started doing a more full time schedule which would be worked out in the future and would be at least 4 months as an employee at minimum and that if things went well I would be full time. This I was told by one of the main managers (Cal) was his name I believe. Cal was an awesome person and I really liked the conversation we had, truly a great person.

The excuse I was "let go" (not fired) today was that I was only hired on as a seasonal employee and that I would no longer be needed. I was however, told that I could reapply in 3-4 months and be rehireable and some other stuff, if I was still interested in the job.

I have to be completely honest I have a very bad back because I have epilepsy and have had it most of my life. I have had a quite few seizures in very bad positions which has made my back kind of useless when it comes to bending over from a standing position, I can do it, it is just extremely painful to do so. Also, I have a bad left knee due to a car accident I was in back in the summer of 2010, my knee got smashed against the car steering wheel and this rest is history. So this made stocking much harder than I had anticipated.

I had originally placed my application with Wal-Mart to be an overnight stocker. The average amount of stock a stocker is required to throw is approximately two pallets worth (close to 2 metric tons), which by the way was much more than I had anticipated for the pay they dish out for the labor. I have had several jobs in the past and I have never seen so much work and labor required at such a low paying job before in my life, I'm 37 years old and I'll tell you the pay rate ($9/hr) is laughable for this amount of labor. I've had jobs paying 15/hr easily for half this amount of labor! Anyways, after the first week of stocking I realized it was just going to be too hard for me to do the job and I was about to quit. But one of the main overnight managers (Jodie or Jody - not sure how his name is spelled) asked me if I would consider doing cashiering. I thought about it for a bit and asked about the stocking and requirements, he explained there was very little stocking required and that there was very little heavy lifting. I decided I would continue on and help out the Wal-Mart team.

Cashiering turned out to be awesome, I truly enjoyed this portion of working at Wal-Mart. There were several little things that you needed to learn though that no one ever trained me on and kind of had to be learned as I went kind of thing. Sadly, there were some problems with either how my credentials were originally set up with Wal-Mart's hired status in the system or something that never seemed to get resolved. Some of the normal functions on the cash registers were never working 100% properly. So I was unable to do things that normal cashiers could do very easily. Things such as returns (when a customer wants to return an item for credit or cash) the registers never let me get past a certain point, plus I'd like to add that I was only explained how to do it one time and then I was on my own. So as previously mentioned when I was put on my own for returns and the register wouldn't let me complete certain things I always needed to call for help. I'm pretty sure this was looked at as incompetence on my part as I repeatedly needed to ask for help because of this issue, when in fact the incompetence had nothing to do with me but the registers themselves were not allowing me to complete the return process. I even had the main night shift manager (Cody) come over to help me one time with a return and he even said that he had never seen the problem I was having with the register before I showed him what was happening. This is just one of the main issues that I had with the registers, but I wanted to add that there were several things that were never explained in good detail that were required for cashiers to know and you just had to learn them as time went on. Also, there were several times where I had long lines and customers waiting on me to start ringing up their products and managers were trying to explain a process I needed to learn at the same time, it was kind of ridiculous. Sadly, I still enjoyed working as a cashier the most even with all the ridiculous nonsensical training methods that were used to train me as a cashier.

Approximately, two weeks ago from today, (the day I was "Let Go" (not fired)), I was placed into the Electronics Department. Please understand I was a temporary employee not full time so I only worked 4 nights a week. To top it off I recently had several people move back into my home and 1 or 2 of them had an unjoyful sickness of the likes of bronchitis mixed with the flu. I was so lucky to get it and I became very ill during this time and I called in sick two or three days and I even went in and worked 3 of the days that I was completely sick, including today. I wanted to explain to the average store shopper that things in different store departments operate completely differently, they are little worlds unto themselves. Things that are done in the stocking department are almost completely foreign and different to the department of cashiering, and things in cashiering are almost completely different and foreign to things done in electronics, so on and so forth etc. However, to my point about just barely being introduced to the Electronics Department, I wanted to explain that only my first night in Electronics did I receive any formal training about how things worked in that department and I'd like to add that it was very brief and quick. I was introduced to a device called a Telzon Gun. You have to sign into it with some personal information and then on top of that you must be assigned options by a Manager to actually use the Telzon Gun. The Telzon Gun is almost completely mandatory to throw stock or in other words put stock away in the Electronics Department because the Telzon Gun shows you the locations of where the stock is supposed to go. I was very new to Wal-Mart and especially new to the Electronics Department and I did not have any options assigned to my Telzon Gun sign in by a manager yet. This was not necessarily a big deal because usually there was another tenured employee assisting me in Electronics and this allowed me to sign into their credentials on the Telzon Gun so I could assist them in throwing stock for the Electronics Department. One of the nights I was working (I think it was Saturday December 6, 2014) with another tenured employee (Mike, I believe his name was Mike?) and we both overheard a discussion of Cody, the main night manager and another gentlemen who I believe was some kind of regional manager. It was very clear from what we could over hear that the regional manager was extremely displeased with the looks of the electronics department and he was letting himself be heard. At one point I clearly heard the regional manager say something very close to the following "it looks like we need to be making a decision here pretty soon about the quality of the work ethic around here,.. I think someone needs to go." At which point Mike said something to me about the fact that he has always tried to be a very good hard working employee, and I truly did believe Mike. Mike had been working with Wal-Mart for approximately 12 years from what he told me. That's pretty *** awesome in my opinion. But needless to say when I was first put in the Electronics Department it looked like a tornado had hit the place. The night that the regional manager was there *** like a baby about how bad it looked, the entire department looked 500 times better than the day they first put me back there, and I'm not claiming the effort was all mine or even half of my effort but the place looked great and that regional manager is the epitome of why corporate ladders make ground level employees not give a *** about one *** thing that they do!!! Last night I was put entirely over the Electronics Department without any help at all. I was supposed to throw stock for the entire department, help all customers with any and all questions that they had. Even though we are graveyard crew you would be surprised at how many customers are still there until 1 am or later asking questions. In Orientation one of the main things they teach is to NEVER IGNORE the customer and to always go out of your way to assist and help customers, but I can tell you right now that that is complete bull *** all upper management only gives a *** about you doing is throwing your stock on time and zoning your department and making it look good, they don't *** care if you have customers and they DO NOT accept that as a viable excuse when you have to actually stop throwing stock and take of them. Upper management is the problem with corporations. They HAVE forgotten the little guy and even their own customers.

When I started doing cashiering I really started to enjoy the job I had with Wal-Mart, I honestly felt some joy and even pride with the job. There was no good reason to move me to Electronics to begin with I was doing great with Cashiering! After I was put in Electronics everything went to *** and fast. A ton of expectations were being put on me almost instantly and the night I had to run the entire electronics department all by myself I was basically blasted and fired (but not fired) so I could be the fall guy so some uppity upper management *** could look back in a week and see that someone was fired for incompetence and feel good about the situation. I had no training whatsoever in Electronics and the main people in charge of electronics on average have a year or two plus at Wal-Mart. The truth is that this Wal-Mart still needs people and plenty of them for the upcoming holidays there is not one *** good excuse that they let me go. You CAN NOT expect a person who has only been in a department for 5 *** days to be able to run the entire show himself!!! There were even new hires coming in and one specifically asked me where he was supposed to go for orientation before my "final" shift was over.

Wal-Mart sadly has proven to me that all you ever are to every job out there is nothing more than a number. I was honestly hoping that I found a place that I would enjoy doing a job at and that I was actually helping a community with my work ethic and making a real difference. I don't have faith in the workforce system anymore, I know that at any job I ever get again I will always just be a number to them.

P.S. Anyone who reads this do yourself a huge *** favor and only go for the job that pays the best wages for your time versus the least amount of labor required to get those wages, seriously, -they- meaning your boss will NEVER give a *** about you either way! Thank you Wal-Mart for showing your true colors and setting my working future path straight.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Droy, no one is attacking you in a rude manner, they are simply telling you that you are wrong, telling you that you are wrong is not the same as being rude. You are the one being rude to everyone by making fun of everyone's reading skills when there is no issue with their reading, you are the one acting like you are still in the first grade and calling people names simply because they disagree with you.

She is not demanding any special treatment just because she is a senior, she only wants what everyone wants to be treated with respect. Perhaps you are the one that has trouble reading if you picked that up? You are a hypocrite, you feel offended when they said that you are using your disability as an excuse to get special treatment, yet you falsely ASSuse her of using her age to get special treatment which she is not. I could be wrong but it seems quite obvious that the reason you were the one let go was because of your attitude, if you treat your co workers as rudely as you are treating those online perhaps that is why you were the one to be let go.

You are the one attacking others on this site through childish name calling because people did not respond the way you want them to. You are acting like you are still in the first grade, obviously your employer saw the same and got rid of you because most likely you were this rude to customers and your co workers. She was not rude in her comment to begin with, you are just using that as an excuse for your own rudeness. However we cannot blame you for your behavior, we can only blame your parents for the way they raised you, your rudeness is their fault.

If your mom and dad actually taught you to be respectful they are ashamed at how much of a terrible person you turned out to be. You don't like other people's comments than perhaps you need to find a site that does not allow people to leave comments. I hope you go show this to your friends(if you have any) that way they can tell you just how rude and immature you are. Now you are claiming I work at the Walmart you are referring to and that I am really not from Orange County, talking about making ASSumptions, again you are a hypocrite, you tell jus not to make assumptions about you, but it is okay for you to do the same.

I do not work for this store or that location and I am from Orange California. So whatever your pea sized brain wants to believe it is not the truth. Like I said Walmart is not the only company you were let go from, it seems like you had a lot of other jobs that did not work out well, your attitude has a lot to do with that. You don't want people to think you are using your disability as an excuse don't mention it, the only reason you mentioned it was because you wanted to seem innocent, disabled or not, you get treated the way you treat others.

You think we are the one acting immature, well who is the one that has a hard time keeping a job not just at walmart but at other companies. You because you are rude and because you behave like you are still six years old. When someone calls you out on your being wrong you mistake them as being rude,(a behavior common from six year old's) When you ASSume that I am not really from Orange California and worked for the same store, you are again behaving like a six year old, ASSSuming that I work for the same store you did. If I did I would tell everyone the real reason you were let go and make a fool of you.(though you seem to be doing a good job of that by yourself.

I feel sorry for you, not because of your disability or the fact that you were in a car accident.(perhaps you hurt your head which is why you behave like a six year old). Nope I feel sorry for you because you cannot penetrate through your thick skull that telling you that you are wrong is not the same as being rude.

Nor can you admit your rudeness and your childish behavior. Then again you could be displaying this childish behavior due to brain damage from the car accident?


It seems like you are trying to play your injury to get sympathy from us, unfortunately it is not going to work. I am pretty sure you were told that you would be only temporary.

The least they did was make you sign a contract stating this. You should have been honest with them and told them you do not know how to read and have them read the contract to you. When you have a job they put you where you are needed, not where you want to work, perhaps in a few years when you grow up some(though I don't know if this is possible since you are already 37) you can get another job.

However acting like a six year old and expecting sympathy is not helping your case. A childish complaint from a disgruntled employee won't be taken seriously.


You poor baby! It's time to grow up.

You are 37 years old and with all of your problems, you just plain couldn't handle the job. As far as you injured knee goes, my ex-husband has the same time of injury to his right knee that was injured in a car accident in the winter of 1972 and when he recovered he was still man enough to continue his job as an active duty law officer until he retired in 1993. He also worked security at ball games, rodeos, etc. He never once asked for special treatment.

When he wasn't working he was doing carpentry work for extra money. At age 73 he is working part time as a bailiff. When his knee was injured he was 32.

Depending on the state where you live an employer doesn't actually need a reason to let you go. Basically that means on a given day, if they don't like the way you look, you can be let go.


I handled the job just fine and was doing a great job! I'm happy for your husband!

His employer chose to keep him that has nothing to do with my complaint. But I'm sure you just wanted people to know about that, good for you! By the way I wasn't complaining about my injuries I was explaining the reason as to why I was sent to a different department, I also wasn't asking for any special treatment. Perhaps you are just *** or can not read correctly.

I don't care that an employer can let you go for any reason, the fact I was making is that they didn't have any good reason to let me go, I was an excellent hard working employee! And they were even hiring new employees at the time they were letting me go. The point to my rant was they specifically let me go because the middle management needed a fall guy to make the upper management boss feel like they were firing someone specifically because of the mess caused by Black Friday that had still not been cleaned up in a time frame that made the upper management happy. So long story short they chose me to be the fall guy.

But I can tell from your response that piecing things together, especially when it comes to reading is not your strong suite is it honey? Why don't sit down for awhile and learn how to spell or something, OK sweetheart.


I think part of the reason they did not want you back was because of your attitude. Calling someone names because they disagree with you is a childish way to behave.

Telling them they do not know how to read is childish as well. The point is you were trying to use your injury and disability to make us feel sympathy for you and it did not work as planned. I don't think you were let go because of the mess on Black Friday, I think it has a lot to do with your rude attitude and you are trying to use your injury for sympathy, it did not work at the store and it is not working here. You have a lot of growing up to do.

You may think you were an excellent employee but that is not what they believe, even if you are an excellent employee, if you talk rudely to other as you did to anonymous they would not want to keep you. I have a feeling your attitude is what made you be the fall guy, not anything else.


If you had read my previous reply, you would know roughly how old I am, from the age my "ex" was when he had his accident. How dare you call senior citizens terms like honey and sweetheart.

I can handle that when it is done in a nice way but not in the derogatory way you meant it. In regard to the comment about me learning how to read and spell I have taught school and been a legal secretary. The fact that a police department chose to keep my ex-husband on has nothing with choosing to keep him on, it was because they knew he would bend over backwards to do his job. You can bet being an active duty law officer is more active, physical work than working retail.

I have personally seen some of the arrests being made. I'm not saying all of this because I'm on his side, we have been divorced since 1983, but it was a very amicable divorce and we get along real well as long as we live 70 miles apart.

As far as my age goes, I am 74 and have stage three cancer, which I won't recover from because due to other health problems I am on the medications for them makes treatment next to impossible. IF you had been doing your job appropriately you wouldn't have been let go.


The OP disrespects everyone disagreeing with them, don't take it personally. It does not matter whether you are five years old or 74 years old, the OP has an attitude problem, and I bet that is exactly why they were let go.

The other workers did not want to work with the OP because of the rudeness and name calling and the disrespectful and derogatory way she or hetreated them. It seems that this was not the first job she was let go from, and with her attitude it sure will not be the last.


Seriously? You attack someone in the rude manner that you did to me and expect a polite and proper response?

Lady you are old enough to understand decency and respect just as much as any person should at our ages, don't go around and demand some special treatment because you are a senior when you treat them rudely like you treated me. Yeah, I'll admit I was being rude in my comment because you were very rude to me to begin with.

You have no idea what I've been through and don't pretend that you do. You treat people rude then expect to be treated rudely back, and you tell me to grow up, good God lady!


Seriously where do you come off telling me to grow up!?!? I am grown up!

I do just fine for myself and I work for a living too! I pay my own bills and my own rent too, wow! What do you consider grown up, only a person who never has a complaint or an issue with any and everything in the entire world? If you don't like reading about people's issue then I can easily tell you that you are on the wrong website.

On the other hand if all you do is read about other people's issues to whine about the fact that they are posting it on a website dedicated to such things then you are the one who needs to grow up, get the *** off the site and go cry to your mother!

I do plenty of other jobs too. I actually only came to Wal-Mart to wind down for a few months while deciding on a different career job.


Nope you are the one that needs to grown up. You may be physically grown up, but you act like a six year old child.

If you came on this website to expect people so feel bad for you and side with you then it is YOU who is on the wrong website. I should have known you would have replied to me just as rudely as you replied to that other poster. Perhaps your rude attitude is what you got you let go. I mean who wants to work with such a crabby person.

If you were as rude and nasty to your coworkers that is why you were let go. 90 percent of the people posting complaints(including you) are wrong. If you don't like reading people's replies then perhaps this is not the site for you. However when you share a review everyone is entitled to their opinion, whether you like their opinion or not.

If telling you that you are wrong is going to hurt your feelings or make you result to childish name calling then this is not the proper site for you. You are immature and childish by calling anonymous names just because he or she disagreed with you. I have a feeling you were the same at work and that is why you are the let go guy. Funny how no one else seemed to have an issue with the cash registers except for you.

You just want to blame the cash registers when fault is truly your own. Also you said you had other jobs that paid more, what happened to these other jobs were you let go from them as well?

You were not doing well on cash, and no matter what position you get you are going to keep making excuses of why you could not do your job well, is that what you did for your other jobs? Why am I not surprised to get a childish immature response from you?


No both you and the old woman need to grow up. You come to websites designed to express a complaint or an issue with businesses and then you attack people who are complaining about the businesses on the website. Both of you are the epitome of childish behavior. If you are not here to use the site as a consumer would logically use it then you are the ones behaving as little brat children. A consumer would use this website to benefit themselves by avoiding business locations that have bad service. They can read up on a few reviews/complaints regarding a subject matter and make a better decision based on the information. If they disagree with comments made they can ignore them and continue to shop at or use the services of such locations.

I simply provided valid and good information that Wal-Mart is a terrible employer and I'm not the only person who can pledge that either. I know that at least this Wal-Mart in particular is a horrible employer. My cousin (Atle) and his wife (Barbaradale) worked for the exact same Wal-Mart for 2+ years each and they were both let go over very ridiculous issues. Even worse situations then mine was. My own sister worked for them for over a year (same location) and can vouch the same information. They never properly trained her for any of the positions or departments that she was put in charge of as well. Another neat fact is there are several complaints regarding this Wal-Mart on many websites from customers who when asking several employees regarding specific items that none of the employees could ever explain and item details they were asked. I and several other employees that worked there can explain this simply because they DO NOT train their employees properly.

Just because you guys thrive off of hating on people doesn't somehow make you on some kind of fictional higher ground because of a made up rule in your own minds. I'm doing potential job hunters a huge favor by steering them clear of the Lindon UT Wal-Mart for a job. You both are just childish adults who look to find people to attack on the world wide web because you are ***

Seriously, Kevin the way you are coming at me and attacking me so hard are you sure you live out there Orange, California? Maybe you work at the Wal-Mart I'm referring to, you seem to want to protect them so much, but you have to hide behind your fictional internet avatar to feel safe. Did I hit the nail on the head? Oh, well I don't want to hurt your delicate feelings bud, maybe mommy has a nice empty spot in her lap where you can sit and go cry telling her all about how a mean man posted mean stuff about your favorite place to shop, OK?

For those who are looking for a job in the Utah Valley area take my honest and good advice, you can thank me later. For the rest of you find something better to do with your life than attack people who just want to help others, thanks!