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I'm going to start off

by saying I have never stole anything in my life. I have never done anything

wrong to be treated the way I have been treated. In the last month every time I

walk in Wal-Mart I have a loss prevention girl follow me the whole time I shop.

As soon as I walk in the door until I get back in My car to go home. She is on

my heels while I shop. I have told her to back up and leave me alone. so on

12-22-2010 I spoke to the Assistant Manager about her and i talked to him for

almost 20 minute's. That didn't work cause the next time I come in she is right

on me. So on 1-1-2011 I spoke to the loss prevention Manager. She claimed she

never follows me and I've never told her to leave me alone and event he Manager

I spoke to on 12-22-2010 came over and He acted like I never came to him about

this. I was told by the Loss prevention Manager that if she is following me to

tell her to go away or ignore her and go tell Management. Well today 1-2-2011 I

was going to meet my sister at wal-mart and she was in there for a good 20

minutes before I got there. My sister said she hasn't seen the girl not once.I

walked in the store at 4:49 and walked to where mt sister was ad I was on the

isle with Christmas things on sale and I was there for 4 minutes and the girl

was walking down the isle with a buggy. She doesn't get anything off this isle

she doesn't look at anything on this isle she walks straight down the isle to

were I was and said move your buggy. I ignored her and went on shopping. She

said move your buggy and again I ignored her. She grabbed my buggy and pushed it

out the way, My pocketbook was in the buggy and I said Don't touch my stuff. She

said she wasn't even on duty and was on the Christmas isle looking for a

toothbrush and I can drop my attitude or she will have me banned. I just asked

her to leave me alone and I did say *** when I said that. She calls her boss

from her personal cell phone to come get me. I walk away and she goes and clocks

in and bring her manager, and 2 other people back with her to tell me to get my

stuff and go to a little room and talk to them. I said no I'm not I said we both

were customers when she started with me and she can't do anything cause she was

in the wrong. Well her boss yells at me and is drawing attention and I had my 7

year old son with me. I threw my hands up and pushed my buggy away from me. I

was walking out and as I was walking out all these people followed me to the

door and the loss prevention manager is yelling at me that I cant leave and is

making me look like a fool, I was gone by 5:05. I was never told at anytime I

was banned or not allowed back in wal-mart. I go home and get My Husband and we

go back to wal-mart for me to get what i came for and for him to get everyones

name so We could come back in the AM and talk to the main manager. I walk in the

store at 6:07 and was int here for an hour shopping and getting what I needed

and My Husband already spoke to two of the guys and got their names. after I pay

for all my stuff and we are leaving the girl, the manager and a cop meet me at

the door and said i was getting arrested for trespassing. I told the cop I was

never banned and the manager said he told me he was taking me to his office

earlier to ban me but he never said that he said talk. then the girl gets smart

and says I can ban you if I want to, I have the power to do that and if you dont

like me go to another wal-mart. I told the cop they never said that and that im

not going 50 miles out of my way every time I need something because of her and

whatever problem she has with me and walked away. If they really said that they

could have had me arrested right then but didn't cause they knew they were still

in the wrong. I was harrassed and embarrassed and treated like a criminal. this

girl laughed, smiled and made unproffessional comments every chance she got and

I have seen her in town with known junkies and do believe she is 1 too. I have

sent an email like this to everyone and everything I can at wal-mart and I'm

hoping something is done about her and how I was treated cause Im not willing to

just sit back and let this slide.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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Responding to Kelo, That's exactly what I did. If you have a cell phone with voice/video, you can use it because it's in the open and they are NOT in private. Reasonable expectation of privacy is not a concern ESPECIALLY when they are making a scene.


I know for a fact that they do that and they let personal feelings to come into play when banning someone from Walmart. This was explained to me from personal friends who are or were employees of Walmart.

That said, they DO have shoplifters, but they are more concerned about those of us who pay for our purchases while those who truly are shoplifting get away.

I was stopped when the person leaving before me cart alerted the alarm. I gave my receipt and was cleared (to me, no big deal), yet did a shoplifter get away when they were focusing on me?


Lincoln Ne store is filthy. I complained to manager couple of times and I contacted home office.

They changed for couple of months and even remodeled part of the store. Went in the other day and it is still filthy.

They are open 24 hours but they can have a cleaning routine. If the inside of the store is filthy, how bad is the area where food is brought in?


If they treated you like that earlier in the day, why would you even want to go back later????

*** that! I would spend my money somewhere else! even if it means driving 50 miles to another store!


Feeling paranoid are we?


It's a huge company... Let it go...

I've been put into a cop car...

Fighting is a lost cause.... Honestly, just bring a videocamera, phone to record "said" happenings....that'll get the cop on ur side in case this little run in happens again...