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I bought a gas grill through, paying close to $300.00 for it - chose site to store delivery. The delivery date was 09/23/13. When the date came, I received not the email telling me it was ready for pick up, but that the shipment was delayed - no explanation, no updated delivery date, nothing. I waited a week, checking the tracking information and found that it had been shipped timely from GA, going through KS and finally - on the day it was supposed to be delivered to the store (in Mobile, AL) no less sitting in NE, but no further word so I went to the store slated for delivery to check on it yesterday. I was told by their Customer Service that I would have to call and gave me the number.

I called right then and there while still in the store. The little ditz told me they had no information on it, and I would have to contact FED EX myself to check on the shipment. The reason given for my having to track the item down was that since I ordered the item shipped from site to store, I had agreed to shipping by FED EX (???). I wasn't able to get any kind of explanation as to why it was my responsibility - expecially since I neither bought from or paid any funds to FED EX, and her whole attitude was one of "too bad, so sad, sucks to be you".

I found the number for and called FED EX - they were very concerned and helpful, and started the tracing process. I received a voice mail from FED EX today needing additional information, so I pulled up the information on my Wal Mart account to get the order and shipping numbers only to find that the tracking information had been updated to "returned" I returned the call to FED EX and gave them the info they needed, but also asked about the update on the tracking. I was told that the package had not been found yet, and that it had definitely not been returned.

Needless to say, I was fairly well steamed when I got off of the phone wit FED EX, so I called back. I started speaking to a guy named Ronald, but immediately asked to speak with a manager. After being on hold for a while, a person named Harold got on the line with me. I explained my issue, and told him that I didn't appreciate being made to chase my own tail in that manner - he said he apoligized. When asked why the update reflected that the package had been returned when it hadn't been received in the first place, he informed me that the order had been cancelled and the funds returned - I should receive the funds in about 3-4 days (the site states that the funds should be reflected as received within 1 to 2 billing cycles). I asked who cancelled the order and was put on hold again so he could check, when he got back he told me that automatically cancelled the order when FED EX supposedly called them to let them know the shipment had been lost. He gave me some goofy statement that the record reflected it as being lost in the store or sold to someone else - makes no sense at all. Being a little more than suspicious that I might just be talking to one of Ronald's coworkers I asked Harold if he really was a manager (he was just so professional) and was informed that he wasn't a manager, he was a supervisor. I told him what I thought of the service I did not receive, and that this was a *** poor way to do business. I again got the canned apology which didn't do anything but make me even madder. I asked for a corporate number, but was told that all he could do was transfer me to the number, to which I replied "you would do that knowing that there's nobody there now?" His answer was yes (geez, what a doofus). I told him that I would call back during business hours to be transferred to corporate, and he said something about there being three call centers, but I didn't say anything about the chance that any one of them should have the corporate number, because quite frankly, my ears were beginning to hurt.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Delivery Service.

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