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Wal-mart will not send you statements until they are overdue - at that time you will owe late charges - then to make things worse, they report you to the credit bureau.

I had perfect credit until I applied for this card. funny thing is - I never received the card or the 25 dollars promised.

for a $40 purchase, which I actually overpaid my account and Wal-mart will not return my $35.00 overpayment, I now have bad credit.

talked to over 9 different people at customer service. No-one can help you. When they take up 30 minutes of your time, they simply transfer you to yet another "supervisor" that also cannot help.

I hate to write negative things, but this is well deserved by Wal-mart. hours and hours lost on the phone, with no help from them at all.

Wal-Mart has just lost a customer.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Credit Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: retract the bad credit report and refund my over payment and also give my the 25 dollars that was promised to sign up for your credit card.

Walmart Cons: Hours lost on the phone my credit report that wal-mart caused.

  • Bad Customer Satisfaction
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Haha how is your money loss 400k?If you had perfect credit 1 late payment will not give you "bad credit".You're either lying or not telling the whole story.


Monetary Loss: $400000...Really????Walmart Does Not send you the credit card statements.The creditor that Walmart does business with offers the Walmart credit card does.Walmart Does Not offer the credit card.The creditor that Walmart does business with offers the credit card.Why in the word did you Not just call the phone number on the back of your credit card before your bill was due to find out Exactly when it was due?That would have been much better, and it would have prevented Many problems.So Exactly Why are you complaining to Walmart about this?