Richmond, Kentucky
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I watched a Richmond, KY Wal Mart LP person we'll call him Bim Tanks rip a ladys purse off her arm, and drag her to the floor for suspected theft. She wasn't yet he still works there.

I didnt realize they could attack me then see if I had stolen something. He said that is how he treats every potential thief, so he has their drivers lisence should they run fron the store.

When I tried to intervene he told me he could do whatever he wanted we were in his store. When I tried to ask for the manager he told me to leave the area or he would have me arrested for making threats.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You should have kept your nose out of it. Instead of intervening you should have went and found the manager, or called 911 and reported it.

However, I find your complaint to be suspect. It sounds like you have an over active imagination.

No legitimate security guard would do that and risk getting into trouble.


Why should I he attacked me for no reason and accused me of theft when I did not steal anything. I had every right to defend my friend because it was my friend he was attacking, he falsely accused both of us of shoplifting.

We are both 15 year old girls and he made my friend strip do her underwear to make sure she was not hiding a weapon. Then he ripped her purse off her arm and dragged her in her bra and underwear, when I tried to intervene he accused me of being an accessory and then did the same to me. Then he asked us to empty our pockets and we had nothing in our pockets, then he asked us to open our purses and we had nothing in our purses and the police believed him and not us. He accused me of theft, and at first my parents are like you we did not steal but then it turned out we accidentally forgot to pay for something so he made us take our clothes off to make sure we were not hiding anything, then he asked us to empty our pockets and purses in front of people.

He showed our parents the camera and here is the truth. My friend and I were looking for our money to see if we had enough to pay for the lipstick and we did not know we put the lipstick in our purses that is how he found the item in our purse. It was an accident and we did not know we put it in when checking our purse. He said he treats all shoplifters like this and if we steal we deserve to be embarrassed in front of everyone.

We did not steal anything they did not find anything on us. I asked for manager and the he told me to leave the store. But then he made me go back and said he was arresting me as an accessory.

This happened last year and he still works there we were 15 at the time and banned for a year for an accident. I came back a year later and he is still there, I am now afraid to go in this store in case me and my friend are set up again.

@Why should I

You should have called the cops and had him arrested he cant make your.friend strip down like.that sue walmart get a lawyer


And you believe someone who keeps changing her story? If this is true yeah you are right she should sue them.

At least her parents will since she is 15. However this sounds more like a teenager who is angry because she and her friend were caught shoplifting.Why would they be stripped down to their underwear and then be told to empty their pockets?

If he really suspected they had weapons he would handcuff them not force them to strip down in front of everyone. I am sure this story is exgaratted a bit.


Anonymous is correct, first she claims she was defending a total stranger from him, then she claims it was a friend. Another time she claims she made them strip down to their bra and underwear and dragged them across the store then she claims he made her empty her pockets after doing this.

She also claims nothing was in her friends purse then she claims that her friend accidentally put the lipstick in her purse. Then she claims she was set up(meaning the lipstick was planted in her purse??) This does not add up.

First B

But by calling the cops they would get into trouble for making a false police report. I just don't buy this. If this really happened the father would come back to the store and beat the living *** out of this security guard.