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i go to deliver goods at any wal mart dc and charged a lumper fee. its their stuff why am i paying for this?

the thing that really *** me off is that if the lumper is working for me, why do i never see him or able to supervise his work? i also hate that while im paying the lumper, wal mart has them doing other things besides un-loading my truck like moving freight from my truck to another or to the shelves in the warehouse.

why aren't the carriers standing up for the drivers on this?

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Its like charging the mailman to deliver a package. All i do is a drop and hook and have to pay $50.


This is one of the many reasons people should NOT shop at Walmart that people just don't seem to understand. This giant corporation treats it's suppliers like sh}t because they are so big they can do what they want.

Normally i don't ever go there but last year when my car was broken down for over a week and my ride went there. Where were the great prices they advertise? Their bulk coffee beans were over $3 a pound compared to the regular price at the other local stores. Same supplier too.

Eggs were almost double, butter was $2 more than other stores, etc.

They must make all their money on the staples and just have ads for a few loss leaders.

Why do people still shop there? The friendly manner in which they treat you?

to ana Cheyenne, Wyoming, United States #567734

That's actually sister works for D.G. Coleman hauling food and drink and *** cross-region and when she gets to the Wal-Mart DC in Platte, Nebraska...they make her wait HOURS after she arrives to unload the *** trailer. They also take their sweet time and as a result she's always late leaving the D.C. and going back. the worst part is is they aren't doing anything else...this is at night, if I remember correctly.


Paying fees suсks...but its a part of life. Our local fire department starting charging people who call them to have their flooded basements pumped.

Even though property owners pay taxes which support the fire department - they have justified that pumping out basements isn't an essential service.

The same thing with the DC - they have reasoned that they cannot justify staffing the unloading bays all day to unload every truck.

The biggest cost for any company is labor.

Even in our store our associates can only unload a Wal-Mart truck. Store vendors must unload their own trucks - but they just need to move the pallets from their truck into the backroom.


let me ask you this.. or you paid a decent amount of money?

if so, unloading a truck shouldn't be that big of a deal.

you can't expect to get paid to just drive a truck. as far at that fee goes, I don't agree with it but I'm not sure what the deal with that would be.

to IHate***Customers #571776

Ihatestupidcustomers, r u crazy? I drive 70 hours a week away from home.

I should be paid more, but you must be superman. 40,000.00 pounds of freight to unload Is easy right, You do it ***????????????????

to IHate***Customers #836272

All we are paid for is the miles. Nothing else.

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