Maple Grove, Minnesota
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A horrible experience! An early morning/night lead staff recklessly scanned and overprice two of the items we bought.

When we went right back to ask them to fix this error the cashier/lead staff gave us a terrible attitude. We weren't disrespectful to her yet she was so rude. I glared at her until she finally said she will be right with us. She did apologize later but that apology was not sincere.

We left there angry and decided to never shop there anymore. So beware of this Walmart they will randomly charge you for the items if you're not cautious.

Reason of review: Pricing & Bad Customer Service .

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: Improve customer service. .

Walmart Cons: Customer service solutions.

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You stated that you were not disrespectful, but hen say you glared at her!

When people are irate about something, the often do not realize they come across that way. Of course, YOU, were a perfect person in this.

Have a little common sense and realize that these people are not put on earth to 'bring you down'.


You do not deserve an apology, whether it is sincere or not. What you deserve is to be told to leave an never come back. You seem to have entitlement issues.


Dear Mr. Bug Eyed customer who thinks the power of glaring solves everything...get a grip!

In all your infitinite wisdom of "reckless scannning" thay simply just puts a picture in my head of a cashier whipping items all over the place like a psycho...what it does NOT include is purposely overpricing whiny *** such as yourself.

If you had half a brain as you do a glare you'd know that cashiers have NO responsibility whatsoever on how something rings up! So good on you for making a complete goon of yourself blaming them for a department error ***

Next timr go glare down a department manager who actually DOES change the prices on items...and pray your poncy lil attitude doesn't get you smacked with a packing box!


Glaring at someone is disrespectful. Also why is a three year old like yourself allowed to shop alone?