Marquette, Michigan
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We asked at the service desk where to register for our wedding; they sent us to electronics, electronics sent us to the jewerly department where we were told by a snid clerk that they took away the instore registery capabilities several years ago and that we would have to go to another location. She also told us that we could register online, by we really wanted to see the stuff in person and register then.

All those clerks need to get their story together.

I will take our business elsewhere. Where the economy is tuff, you think they worked harder for our business and try to find a way to help out.

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Well perhaps they don't smile because they have to deal with idiots like you and the person who wrote the letter. Same with Kmart.

Just because you are too poor to shop elsewhere don't take it out on them.

Maybe the reason you need to shop there is because of your attitude. WHo would want to hire you.


I myself will not shop at Walmart anymore either. The majority of employees have no idea where anything is, if they carry anything, and yes they are not friendly at all.

In the Marquette store the only friendly person was the door greeter, an older gentleman. He was always smiling and saying hello. No one else even smiles. They certainly don't even say "thank you" at the registers.

I can't stand that store. I have no problem spending extra money at a store that treats you nicely.

You pay much more at Shopko or Target but they are much nicer and more helpful.

As for the bonehead saying you are a redneck for registering at Walmart, unfortunately living in a small community we don't have much to choose from and there are still some people who rather save a buck than have good service or buy quality.


The service desk did tell me it was not there *** ***. My letter is about them not having the wedding registery in the first place dummy not about them not know where the *** it is.


Not sure if this was taken out in the last year or something... Our walmart has this in place for baby registrys and I'm pretty sure weddings also... Maybe its only certain ones, but I'm not really sure.


I don't shop at Wal mart anymore because of

Store #4425

7818 Colonial West Drive

Orlando, FL 32818 and Yolanda in Automotive !


You're a red neck for wanting to have your wedding registry at walmart in the 1st place you deserve that kind of service


Whoever posted this complaint is an ***


no boycott walmart


I agree....something that has been in place for years should be quite obviously known to every employee that works there. The service desk should have shut u down right there and explained that they do not offer it anymore.

But as far as taking your business elsewhere, why throw your money away shopping at higher priced places such as Target and Shopko?? That would be like people going to Lowes to pay top dollar due to one bad experience at Menards.

The economy is tough now, so I would suggest continuing to shop Walmart. Some people have nothing good to say about them, but as a consumer, I am going to shop where I save lots of money, and that would be at Walmart and Menards!!