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I went to get two tires put on my car.

First,I needed a different tire size than was on the car because someone had put the wrong tire size on it before I got the car.....Right away we needed a manager and to sign a waver just to get two tires put on!

Next,Mr.HillBilly auto service guy pulls the car in the bay and notices a transmission fluid drip.

A drip about the size of a quarter that must have just started since I had not noticed it in my drive.

Right away hillbilly guy started saying he can't work on the car and needed a manager again.

Next they tell me because of the drip I could not get two tires........

I asked for the manager only to find the auto service center manager was not in that day.

All In all,Mr.HillBilly service guy (Dave) did nothing but sit on his butt because all the bays were empty.

Best Of All,I drove right to sears and had two tires put on without a problem!

Please Do the same!

The Gene Pool is very shallow @ Wal-mart Middlefield

Monetary Loss: $10.

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Mr. Pool,

I recommend going to a Dealership.

Now a days prices are competative, and the technicians are professionally trained (their training is comparable to an associates degree). Looks like no customer confidence for walmart!