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Wal-Mart MISLEADING customers AND REFUSAL to honor price-accuracy scanning-code-of-practice price-accuracy-guarantee"****

Dear Sir,

1) We shopped at Wal-Mart [Dufferin 3106] in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 22April2010.

2) "Oatmeal to Go" - "Maple & Brown Sugar flavour" - Oatmeal-Bars was marked on the shelf as "OTG M B S " for $2.

3) It scanned for $2.64. Please see attachment WalMart22Apr10.jpg.

4) The "Customer Service" centre cashier with a name-tag "Emily" REFUSED to honor the posted scanning-code-of-practice price-accuracy-guarantee.

According to the POSTED "scanning-code-of-practice price-accuracy-guarantee" AT EACH CASH-REGISTER, the customer gets the first item free if the item scans for a price HIGHER than the shelf-marked price.

INSTEAD she started HARASSING US AND ARGUING, AND REFUSED TO GET THE store-manager as per our request to her.

5) Then came another "customer service manager" [with a name-tag Jennifer]. BUT NO requested store-manager [IN SPITE of our REPEATED requests].

6) We were NOT permitted to get a photocopy of the INCORRECTLY marked shelf-price-sticker.

OBVIOUSLY IT EVIDENCED that [AT LEAST in this case] Wal-Mart is MISLEADING consumers about the price AND OVER-CHARGING THE PUBLIC.

Sincerely,Ron Waters

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Cashier.

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Did anyone notice these incorrect pricing things just started turning up in the last 10-15 years? I think they're intentional. Did anyone also notice it's 9.5 out of 10 in the store's favor?


I am not surprised at all. Always check Walmart prices right at counter because they are NOTORIOUS on this issue.


Robbie, if you read this right you would realize that the OP did not think he needed to pay tax. Most of the people demanding the $10 rule are either mistaken about the price or switch themselves, one person even shared a story about how a mother was switching prices in front of her five year old daughter.

The five year old reported the mother and the mother threatened to beat her up when she got home and then threatened to have a man give her money to rape her. In other words most of the people who are demanding the rule be applied to them are clueless and either do know know that the rule only applies if the employee placed the wrong tag. Either that or they change tags themselves not knowing that because of them cheating they had to change it to matching the bar code. Why I saw this woman who even put only one item in the wrong place, and she made a big deal over it when they refused to honour the price and she told me to eff off when I told them what she did.

That was the only one in the wrong section and she demanded they give it to her.

Then called them racists when they did not give in to her scam. It is people like these who are going to eliminate the rule because they purposely lie, cheat and scam to get their way.

First B
@Jedi Knight Ethan

I saw this Chinese couple take a some item. Let's say it was $4, they shoved the whole thing aside to where it said that it costs $2 or something like that.

They took a picture with their cell phone and then tried to get it for the scanning code of practice. i said real loud "Dad are they allowed to do that" He asked what. I said loudly for everyone to hear. Are they allowed to move a $4 item to a $2 section, take a picture and try to get the $4 for $2.

Now everyone in line knew that they were trying to scam the company. Then my siblings, my cousin and I and a few friends caught someone shoplifting so we took a video on our 3ds and showed the manager and undercover security, who said thanks and told us to delete the video.


I heard about a judgement that Walmart voluntarily participates in the "Pricing accurace $10-rule," but at stores, they can't even live up to their 10-foot rule for greeting customers!


yeah whatever *** off.


Actually, I thought food was not taxed, apparently this was taxed. It was the tax which made the cost high.

I asked my wife about it and she said the tax made the price more that $2.

Lol. I thought all food was untaxex, but it is only food like milk, eggs, butter, bread, ect that you need everyday.


People who complain about oatmeal bars especially from walmart deserve this.