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I am 17 and i am pretty pissed that wal-mart would not allow me to but white-out. I can understand spray paint because it's use as inhallent but white out? Seriously come on. I walked up there and went to purchase it and she asked for my i.d and i gave it to her then she told me that i couldn't buy it. Yes i was pissed but I just asked if i could have my i,d and take the white out back to the shelf.

After i asked to take the white out back she told me to wait here, she called the store manager over and apparently he called the cops to come over here. Now im ealing with 4 cops and a *** walmart workers. The workers told the cos that i was buy the white out to use as a drug or something and they told them that i was gonna try tp steal it.

They had to call my dad in and he isnt a happy guy so this made him super pissed. He cam in and talked to the cops and told them that i needed it for a school project and tried to buy it, but the clerk wouldnt let him because she new that it was going right to me. So she refused to scan it.

All in all i left the store pissed as *** and with no white out and walmart is 100% to blame.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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It's not walmarts policy....dont get mad at Walmart. It's your state that has this law!!!

I am a 53 yr old teacher and I went through a self checkout and couldn't go any further In my transaction until the worker came and okayed the white out. You and your dad need to just chill and follow the law.

No biggie. If you really need white out buy the white out tape!!!!


Never go to Wal-Mart ever again


Boycott walmart. They are the end to all good things in small and large towns.

The workers are the bottom of the barrel as far as service quality goes and if you seriously want something from there that you know they wont let you buy just pocket it. They won't chase you. Honestly they have an acceptable loss policy that as long as they are under they dont give a ***. All major big box stores do this to avoid it looking like they are trying to lock up all their customers who forget to pay for a coke or whatever.

Anyways *** walmart and their *** people and their *** prices.

Honestly its all garbage quality stuff anyways. Open your eyes people.


I am 32 years old and Walmart would not sell me tampons because I did not have I.D. on me.


I am 51 years old and Walmart refused to sell me WD40 because I did not have my ID with me.




I seriously just went in to walmart for art supplies and was able to get everything else including sharpies, a lighter, and duct tape but left without white out. I am seventeen too but I guess one month is the difference between wanting to get high and liking art.


I had a similar problem when I went into Walmart to buy whiteout cause I use pen all the time. I'm 17 and she asked me for my id and I laughed cause I thought she was kidding and she (the worker) started asking me if I was going to sniff the stuff and get high off of and it pissed me off and she wouldn't let me buy the white out cause I could use it as a "drug" and left very angry and furious.


If you are angry and furious because she was following your state law than you have issues. You want her to get fired and possibly have her children starve to death because you want whiteout. You must be a druggie if you are willing to have someone risk losing their job just to have your darn whiteout.


The person is angry because of the ridiculousness of the law and the age restriction a state if one year could make a difference, as well as the inability of the cashier to make an exception to a minor rule that shouldn't exist.


I think you have trouble with reading comprenhension. The point is she could lose her job and the store could be fined heavily for selling the whiteout. It is not about making exceptions.


fistedface - I read your ignorant reply and was shaking my head. Then, I saw you are in Aiken, SC and it all made sense!


The only ignorant people are the ones quoting him or her. It is not about making exceptions ect.

You and your friend are ignorant since you have trouble with reading comprenhension. For some reason even though I agree it is dumb, it is against the law for the cashier to sell the whiteout to someone under 17.

He or she is simply stating that they should be angry at the people that made the law and not take it out on the employees. If you did not lack reading comprenhension you would realize this.


It's not the fact that they wouldn't let him purchase the item. It's the fact that they called the cops on assumptions.

Which not only wastes the 17 year old time but the cops time as the parents time as well on false or uneducated accusations.

The clerk should have just said "No I will return it to the shelf for you" and explained why this 18+ policy is in place. The clerk at the very least should be written up if not fired.


I wish I could purchase some white-out(and I don't mean the correction fluid).


Then who would pay for food stamps,sec 8 ,ect


Just had this happen in CA. We thought it was a joke and there are no state laws nor signs posted that an id is required.

Honestly despise wally world but cheapest *** for school projects. Should have went to Target.


Target wouldn't have been any better they CARD for everything and track everything you buy. TRY the DOLLAR STORE.


I need white out for homework but I have to be 17 walmart seriously


It is not the company policy but the law in the state. You make teenagers look illiterate.

It was stated many times by law they cannot sell to those under 18.

You go anywhere they will ask for ID and deny the sale. Stop making us look like illiterate fools just because you are one.