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I am 17 and i am pretty pissed that wal-mart would not allow me to but white-out. I can understand spray paint because it's use as inhallent but white out? Seriously come on. I walked up there and went to purchase it and she asked for my i.d and i gave it to her then she told me that i couldn't buy it. Yes i was pissed but I just asked if i could have my i,d and take the white out back to the shelf.

After i asked to take the white out back she told me to wait here, she called the store manager over and apparently he called the cops to come over here. Now im ealing with 4 cops and a *** walmart workers. The workers told the cos that i was buy the white out to use as a drug or something and they told them that i was gonna try tp steal it.

They had to call my dad in and he isnt a happy guy so this made him super pissed. He cam in and talked to the cops and told them that i needed it for a school project and tried to buy it, but the clerk wouldnt let him because she new that it was going right to me. So she refused to scan it.

All in all i left the store pissed as *** and with no white out and walmart is 100% to blame.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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For one if someone wants to get high, you allowing them not to buy it won't stop them. They will find something more potent and illegal to sniff or whatever somewhere else and you'd lose a customer or more.


Just buy the white out tape. It's not messy, and easy to use. Dont get so freaked over it.


*** america


Okay so im 13 and i had no idea you had to be 18 so i tried to buy white out at the self checkout then got yelled at by walmart and i need it for school so now my parents have to go and get me some. its *** like really????


That same thing just happened to me


Guys it is whiteout no one is going to get arrested for selling a 17 year old white out. At first I thought it was some US law because I am allowed to buy white out at ten and Mimi from Florida is also allowed to buy Whiteout and she is 12.(this could be wrong since I am from Alberta not Ontario and it displays Ontario for me) The person who posted this review even admitted in a reply she posted this as a joke and everyone fell for it.

@First Born Triplet

It is NOT a Joke I am 47 years old and just last night was buying some and the walmart clerk asked me for ID and I KNOW i look 18 she looked 15 lol but yes the computer did ask her to card me !


Guys I am 10 and I am allowed to buy whiteout you do realize that you are being trolled right. Especially with her update.


Walmart is awesome im 12 and sold me 15 bottles of white out and then denied a 40 year old manto buy it :x


I have worked for Wal-Mart a while now and Richard is correct on that statement also he left out that he won't just get fired but could be put in prison and fined along with the store being fined and the manager fired on the shift. permanent markers, whiteout, and paint can't be sold to anyone under 18 under state law Texas is a holder of that law due to getting high off it.

P.S. all associates get the same training selling to juveniles (Young adults to kids not being in prison) not just cashiers and we must check ID on anyone who looks under 40 years of age.


how do you get high with whiteout. want to try it.


I'm a 10 yr. WM cashier.

The register promps the cashier when an item requires an ID to be sold. This requirement is a policy set by either the store, company or local law. The cashier has no choice but to deny the sale if the customer does not provide the proper ID or age requirement. In addition, the cashier can't sell to another older person, even if legal, after the fact has been noted that the original denied buyer will be given the item after the lagal buyer buys it.

I will not lose my job for not following policy just to make U feel better by illegally selling U the item. Would U not do the same?


I don't shop at Wal mart anymore because of

Store #4425

7818 Colonial West Drive

Orlando, FL 32818 and Yolanda in Automotive !


One thing I forgot to mention, how do you know all the posters are adults. Is it because their posts are more mature than yours? They could be younger than you even and post more mature.


One thing I forgot to mention, how do you know all the posters are adults. Is it because their posts are more mature than yours? They could be younger than you even and post more mature.


I am 17 please don't judge all 17 year olds by how she or he is acting. Also should not matter how old this person is if this person is being rude, then they should call her or him on it.

I agree that the first two comments were rude and uncalled for but the rest are just telling them the truth.

No offence to to the 17 year old but seriously you want to be treated like an adult, yet when someone corrects your bahavior you give the excuse "I am only 17, leave me alone, you are adults you should know better. You only want to be considered an adult if it is in your favour, and you want to be considered still a child when it is in your favour.


Everyone it is obvious that the person posting this is a drugie. Britt is just one of their perrsonalities when they are high.


Are you seventeen as well Britt. Were you even at the store?

Do you know what happened? At first I thought Bushmanbrows was getting their friend to write but you don't even know their gender. 17 is old enough to know how to post respecfully. If this person wants to post a letter and be treated like an adult they must act like one.

They may be 17 but both you and them are acting far younger. 17 is close ot being an adult. Brits and bush are the same person than you are acting more like a 12 year old than a 17 year old. 17 year olds don't tell people off, and they don't say "you suck" just because they did not get what they wanted.

This is something I would expect from my ten year old. "Both" ofyou need to wake up.

Does not matter if you are 17 or not, if you cannot post in a maturally then people will call you out on it. If you can't take it expect a break for your age than don't share your letter.


The best part of all of this is that you goobers are buying this story!! :grin


Ok. I believe my brain was thinking faster then my fingers were typing.

I am requesting that you back off of bushmaroow (whatever your name is.

It's late, sorry.)

They typed a story, and all of you seemed to discect it making them look like a ***. Jeez, and if there 17 and your grown adults, get over it!