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I am 17 and i am pretty pissed that wal-mart would not allow me to but white-out. I can understand spray paint because it's use as inhallent but white out? Seriously come on. I walked up there and went to purchase it and she asked for my i.d and i gave it to her then she told me that i couldn't buy it. Yes i was pissed but I just asked if i could have my i,d and take the white out back to the shelf.

After i asked to take the white out back she told me to wait here, she called the store manager over and apparently he called the cops to come over here. Now im ealing with 4 cops and a *** walmart workers. The workers told the cos that i was buy the white out to use as a drug or something and they told them that i was gonna try tp steal it.

They had to call my dad in and he isnt a happy guy so this made him super pissed. He cam in and talked to the cops and told them that i needed it for a school project and tried to buy it, but the clerk wouldnt let him because she new that it was going right to me. So she refused to scan it.

All in all i left the store pissed as *** and with no white out and walmart is 100% to blame.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

Monetary Loss: $2.

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OMG, would back og Bushmanbrows? You dont even know what happend, he/she does!

They were in the situation . Bush posts there side of the story and all you come up with it blame!!!

Walmart does suck. The only good thing wal mart does is gives us citizeens jobs.


Look you even admited yourself that you were high one day while shopping at Wal-mart. I don't know how things work but they probably have a system that tells then "do not sell to this person" It may not have anything to do with your being high as you admitted, it could be an age thing.

Some of these laws may be silly and ***, but like someone said blame those that get high and you admitted in one of your replies that you have gotton high yourself and were removed from the store. Then you admit that you threatened the cashier, well the manager has to look out for his employees and other customers. How the heck do you expect him to know that you would not carry on with your threat. Honestly if I found out my son acted the way you did than I would punish him as well.

I admit that Al and Big Dog's replies were rude and sarcastic but well you are no better. I know you are 17 and still a kid, but seriously grow up and learn to behave in public. I bet if you had not threatened the cashier they would not have called the police on you.

You admitted in one of your replies that you were threatening the cashier because she would not let you buy the white out. Well just threatening her like that would make anyone think that you wanted to use it to get high.


She is trolling about getting high, just like I did in my reply to her.


dont blame wal-mart. blame the people that inhale substances to get high.

if it wern't for them, that law would not be in effect. grow up, and look at the bigger picture.


You know what just because they once arrested me from the store for possession of drugs does not mean that i will use this as a drug. i had to steal the whiteout since they would not sell it to me which is when four cops came after me.

I did not even get to steal it and when i could not get what i wanted i called the cashier a *** *** which is why she called the manager on me, if you were high one day while shopping there they discriminate against you, and my dad punished me for how i was behaving he said that i have no right to try and steal the whiteout and he said i have to learn to treat people with respect losers. i am 17 do you realy think i would hit you you *** manager, that was just a fake threat to get the white out ***.


Yeah you puff up and get high in the store they automatically think you are going to do it again and discriminate against you. I know from experience.


Blame your start, are you asking them to break the law. If they did you should be charged too. They are not going by policy but state laws, BTW before posting why don't you get your facts straight, sniffing white out is dangerous and it is also considered an inhallent.


If it was for a school project (summer school?? must be a flunky) why didn't dear old dad by it when he was at Wal*Mart bailing you out?

Sounds to me as if you got caught stealing, junior. :cry


I am not from US, but some schools in US I believe run until the end of June.


That's what you get for lookin' like a junkie.