New Orleans, Louisiana

I have read the observations published regarding shoppers at Wal-Mart. Now, we all know how those shoppers at Wal-Mart are.

We have even seen the "People who shop at Wal-Mart" photos published from time to time, and anyone would have to admit, there are some real doozies!! Sometimes, Wal-Mart is so crowded that you have to wait for five and six people to go through the line before you can actually checkout. And, what's up with the screaming, arm-jerking, nasty mothers mistreating their children? Obviously, Wal-Mart doesn't offer parenting classes, or most of the people who shop there would be penalized for the treatment they give their children.

Sometimes, the produce is well past it's "fresh-by" date. I mean, there are lots, and I mean lots of negatives with Wal-Mart. What is the most mind blowing of all, though, is that Wal-Mart is still light years ahead of Target when it comes to favorable shopping experiences. Imagine that!

There is no place to shop on earth you should avoid more than you should avoid Target.

All I wonder is when are they going to publish "the people who shop at Target" photos? Now, that would be entertaining!

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Walmart hires ignorant low class people like LadyScot that like to use the heroin addict nikki sixx image as their avatar because it best represents their drug induced blabber.


really? my main problem shopping at Walmart is the fact that 90% of the other people there treat it like their own house and cause a scene every chance they get just because there aren't that many employees on the floor. I'm not crazy about some of the prices at Target but they're a better store in terms of how many employees are working and how the store looks.