Toronto, Ontario

Walmart put wrong oil filter on engine. Invoice shows wrong oil filter number, proving they did this.

Filter fell off on freeway at about 70 mph in the fast lane of the express lanes. I Avoided potential fatal and/or injuries/damage in a car accident. I was shaken up by this incident so I almost tried to cross collector lanes (impossible, due to volume of traffic). Avoided getting run over because a tow truck happened to see me and stop.

Towed to Wal-Mart who said the filter fell off, and that it was the wrong one according to invoice. Several days later, their insurance co. said they would pay for a junk yard engine to be installed, for my 20,000 mile 2007 Camry (3 years old, with 2 more years on warranty). Warranty is now void.

Engine is toast. Toyota estimates: 25k for new engine, or 11k for my engine rebuilt (more if they find surprises when they pull it apart), or 6k for a non-toyota engine from an after market co, or 3k for a junk yard engine install. The junk yard engine might be pretty on outside, but severely aged due to lack of use for a couple of years on the inside. It may work, then in a couple of months(no warranty) the seals are gone, and I have to pay for my own engine rebuild out of my pocket for something that is Wal-Mart's fault.

Many emails, phone calls, faxes later, I get no return call from store manager, can never get through to insurance co, always have to leave a message. Called Wal-Mart Canada and you can never speake to the claims person, always voice mail, and they don't call back after two days, two calls, two messages. There's no apology from them, no admission of guilt, and a 'so sue us' attitude from all of them imho.

Small claims would take 3mo-to two years, and IF i win, it costs me 2,000 dollars for legal fees, and up to two years of anxiety, and what do I drive in the meantime -- I don't have 25k to replace the engine, I dont have 25k for a new car, and can't afford to take on monthly car payments.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $25.

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If the car is still under Manufacturers Warranty, best to return it to the Dealer even for oil changes. If only a factory authorized dealer does any kind of work to the car and they screw it up, it gives the manufacturer much less of a chance of wiggling out of the warranty. It may cost a few bucks going to the dealer while the car is under warranty but if a problem develops it is sure worth it !

I would never let Walmart touch anything on my car. Most of the people that work for Walmart don't get paid much more than minimum wage. How many qualified and certified auto techs these days are going to work for that kind of money ?


Sometimes we get what we pay for. Go to a cheapo place and get cheapo service.


Stories like this is why I would never take my car to Wal-Mart for anything for my car. Don't care how 'cheap' their prices are.

Honestly the prices they charge you can find elsewhere too, just have todo some informative shopping.

I see the lines of cars lined up at my local store for things like Oil changes and the 3 hour wait it takes and I just take it to my local *insert competitor* and they do a better job at the same price for less time.

Sorry to hear they *** your engine, honestly they should at least put in a rebuilt engine, not a junk, the nerve of them to want to put a junk one on a fairly new vehicle.