Cantonment, Florida

For the past 2 1/2 hours I have either been hung up on (4 times) or I have dealt with extremely rude ( Customer Service Manager Deebie, Assistant Manager Monica) or hung up on by phantom young female, OR transferred because they was about to get off older female. I DO NOT appreciate this service at all!

When I told Asst. Mgr. Monica about this issue, also after apologizing that this wasn't an issue she caused, attacked me saying nothing would be done except her finding out who was working.... I have been a manager of Grocery Stores, been a leader in the U.S.

Army, as well as Front Dest Manager of hotel Front Desks; all of which customer relations are paramount. This is the biggest display of Customer Reject I have ever seen/experienced! Take the good with the bad, Anthony was amazing in assisting me and actually made me feel like he cared. I will continue to pursue this to the fullest until, if ever, that I am a valued customer.

Please also keep in mind at minimum, and I have receipts, I put $60 a week on a card for WalMart.... this will surely stop if I don't feel valued any longer! Please respond with the information I will provide in an email.

I sincerely enjoy being a customer, but I WILL NOT SHOP SOMEWHERE I AM OBVIOUSLY NOT VALUED. Thank you in advance for all of your support.

Very Respectfully,

Matt Griffin

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Walmart Pros: Product worked.

Walmart Cons: Bad service.

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I like how people talk about how they were hung up on, but "forget" to mention they were being rude and hostile. I bet in your grocery store, or as the leader in the army if someone handled you rudely you too would be hanging up or ignoring them in some way.

Also I doubt your story, I doubt they would let someone who cannot even construct proper paragraphs lead in the US army, if so we are doomed.n $60 a week, I like how people think that this is a lot of money to a big company that makes millions a day, that store alone probably makes in the six figures of profit a year and you think your $60 is going to hurt them. This fact also makes me doubt you were ever a leader in the US army.

If so we are doomed. You are valued you just have to get rid of your Holier-than-thou attitude.


Well, if you really are a "valued customer" and have all these receipts to show it, then you obviously know that one phone in a fitting room isn't going to do a great deal of justice to thousands of customers shopping by phone day in and day out.

Oh, BTW, people on the phone are NOT "valued customers" - no retail operation in the world considers a phone enquiry to be a significant retail sales opportunity.

Because, they simply aren't. A phone contact is shopping around, lazily, and the customer will most likely end up at the establishment with the lowest price. If you have the lowest price, then there was no real point to working the contact in the first place. If you aren't the lowest price, then there's no point in playing with you at all.

Get the idea? Customers in the store are "valued", they've already committed, they're here, and they intend and actually will be spending money today, here, right now.

Worse, if you really are a "valued customer" then you are likely shopping the store with some regularity. That might suggest you have some idea of what they do, what they carry, where stuff generally is, and surely could stop by on your next visit and just take a look for yourself. Why all the bluster about the phone when you're there so often anyway?

Of course, I'll bet you'd be first to get ticked off if you had to wait, in store, while all of the associates are too busy on the phone to help you.

One last note, you may have been a manager of Grocery Stores, a leader in the U.S, and/or a Front Desk Manager, but I assure you that you have absolutely NO CONCEPT of life in your average Walmart store. Sorry, you can't really know what you don't know, but your average walmart handles more customers per day, per facility, than any other retail operation in existence.

I'm not trying to minimize your experience, but it's sort of like getting advice from the kid running the Lemonaid stand down the street.


"they was about to GET OFF an older female"...sounds shady and illegal


sent dat card to me. I put sum mo money on it fo you.


I seriously doubt you were a manager in any grocery store or leader in the US army with terrible spelling and grammar. Come on you don't even know how to paragraph so tell another lie.

I have a strong feeling that you are Anthony and posting this review in hopes that you get a raise. It must be your annual raise time Math or shall I call you by your real name Anthony.