Little Rock, Arkansas

I placed a photo order on 05/24/2013 and when I finished paying for my order I received an email saying I would receive my order on 06/05/2013. On that day, NO ORDER!

I went online to check the status of my order, they responded saying I would receive it on 06/11/2013, which is today. I emailed them again and they say I will recieve the order on 06/15/2013. So, I called them and they said to call the store where they are expected. I called the store, NO ORDER!

I called customer service back advised them the order is still not there. I asked for a refund and she says I can't get a refund until tomorrow.


DON'T ORDER ANYTING ONLINE ESPECIALLY IF YOU WANT SITE TO STORE!!!!!!!! Now I don't have any Save The Dates or my money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $60.

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11/29/13 I ordered 2 fleece college photo blankets 60 x 80. Under the photo it said buy one get one free.

I made two with different photos expecting to get 4. When they came I got only two blankets. I called customer service sat on phone on hold for an hour.i spoke to customer service and she said she had been dealing with this problem alot. She assured me all was fixed and items shipped out soon.

Nothing came in mail, advertisement online has now change and they refuse to honor the ad under which I purchased from. Still no free blankets and emails about I was mistaken it wasnt my blankets under buy one get one free.


I agree that the Online Ordering should not be used. I ordered an AC-finally received it- but discovered it was damaged and apparently was a return they had sent out as a New AC.