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First off, to anyone that plays the game, you know where I'm coming from and how frustrating this could be. Now we all know that the latest World of Warcraft: Cataclysm came out on December 7th, 2010. My parents pre-ordered the Collector's Edition for me as a birthday gift, since we all play, and had it delivered to my apartment. They guaranteed game-day delivery so we could start playing right away.

The Issue: It wasn't shipped until the 6th and I received it late on the 8th. To top it all off, Wal-Mart didn't even send the correct copy. They sent the regular edition which is roughly 60 bucks cheaper. Now I have to go return it for the regular edition AND everywhere in the area is now sold out on Collector's Editions.

Plain and simple, don't pre-order any games from Wal-Mart that guarantee certain things. They won't follow through and the lack of ANY customer service for online support is laughable. The answer we received was a robotic "I'm sorry" and they offered to reduce the price. To bad the reduced price was still more expensive than the digital download of the regular copy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $95.

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learn 2 buy digital copy of the game


I ordered a game from their site to store and they game me the wrong one. I had to call them six times to get them to replace me with the correct one.

At first they tell me they will replace it, then they tell me it's out of stock and I had to wait forever to get it replaced, if they ever get it in stock again.

Their response to when they will ever restock was "sorry, don't know. Wait forever." This store is ***.


I ordered Hot Six by Janet Evanovich it four days after it was supposed to get here I got a package with Tangled:Rapunzel's Magical Hair (and a removable light up hair clip.)Now I have to call them cause the book I ordered isn't in their stores.


Ordered Christmas gift on Dec. 8 and still haven't received order!

On hold for 37 min, another 20 min. to try to track the order down...then he tells me to give it 4 more days before I can get a refund!!! Hastle free..really??? Stress free..really???

NOT!!! It is basically all I bought my son for Christmas & it probably won't get here for him to open it. but..that's what I get for ordering from Walmart!!

No more!! & I would really think twice before you "saved $2" and wasted 20 days waiting for a Christmas present that may never come.


Same exact thing happened to me. On hold now for 30 minutes, we'll see if I get the same level of 'customer service'