I went into Walmart superstore at Bentonville, Arkansas today, and when I walked along the produce wall I got dirt from celery bags on my new $100 blouse. It is now stained.

They should of had a sign to warn about the dirt on these veggies. I have talked to everyone up to store manager and they refuse to pay my dry cleaning. Talking to my lawyer about lawsuit against Wally World. They have dangerous stuff at this store.

It is also the home store is it not?

Well they better be prepared for a possible lawsuit from me. W

Product or Service Mentioned: Walmart Manager.

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what doesn't add up to me is how this is yet another Arkansas Walmart complaint but the original poster is from Texas. maybe this is MrsLea again with another scam.


Something does not add up. First of all there is "A's" comment about why they were shopping in walmart when they can afford a $100 shirt.

Even so why would they be shopping in an expensive shirt. I am sure the dust from the clothing can be cleaned by washing.

My guess is they dirtied their clothing somewhere and is using this incident to scam Walmart out of a free dry cleaning. They see through his scam and he is angry about that.


So you got some dirt on your expensive blouse? So what!

Also why were you wearing a $100 shirt while shopping in Walmart anyways?

It isn't anybody fault but your own that you ruined your blouse. I wonder if this person would be complaining if this happened in an upscale store.


Obviously you are not educated yourself because you leaned too close to the carrots and are angry that they damaged your clothing. Though I think this story is all BS. The damage could easily be taken care when you wash your clothes, you just want money for your stupidity.


It is going to take a lot of money to clean it too. I know it doesn't take any education and skill to work in the Wally World produce department, but they should at least know to make sure their products are clean and safe before they put them on shelves.


If you can afford a $100 shirt..what's a small dry cleaning price really going to affect you? You sound like a ***.


next time, keep your eyes open you dumb b**ch. I never knew celery was considered a dangerous object.

I guess they'll have to keep in locked up with the expensive electronics and you'll have to see an associate if you need someone to get it for you.

maybe MrsLea01 will be your lawyer. I'm sure she'll sue Walmart for not letting her get a sale price that ended a month ago.


Oh they are going to pay. Just like you cage zoo animals and exotic pets to buy, Wally World should keep harmful materials or food in a safe place.

Okay lady, good luck with your lawsuit :roll

So you think they should pay for your dry cleaning because you were careless and were too close to the veggies. Seriously even a seven year old knows how to avoid stay clean.

But people will sue for silly things these days. Another woman sued (or is trying to sue a man who gave her wrong directions and made her late to a job interview. She claimed it was his fault she did not get a job.

When if she had planned a head and made sure she knew the directions this would not have happened.

But I have to agree shame on WallyWorld for having dangerous objects in the store. Carrots are real dangerous and should only be bought if you are licensed to buy them.


your wearing a $100.00 blouse and shopping at wal-mart? sure get you a lawyer and pay him big money just to let the wal-mart lawyers eat him and you up--they have so many lawyers just sitting around waiting on people like you to have fun with--post how it goes on here i want to see if i laugh harder than i did reading this post.


You've GOT to be kidding.

#475778 much in legal fees do you expect to pay to get your $20 for dry cleaning? You are an 1D10T!

A sign to warn about dirt on vegetables?

What's next? "Caution - Ice may be cold."


You need to watch where you are walking.

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